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Responsibility Badges
The Responsibility Badges idea is a behaviour management system that is combines elements from Hellison's Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) model and the gamification concept of achievement-based rewards. Download Badges

Level One: Respect

"Level 1 (Respect) involves respect for the rights and feelings of others and has three related components: self-control, the right to peaceful conflict resolution, and everyone's right to be included."

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Mr/Ms Clean Badge

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Fire Badge

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Friend Badge

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Freeze Badge

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Hand Badge

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Peace Badge

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Time Badge

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Shirt Badge

Level Two: Participation

"Level 2 (Participation) is there to help students get to experience program content in a positive way. Level 2 is composed of self-motivation, the importance of experimentation, and the courage to persist. "

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Star Badge

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Ironman Badge

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Sportsmanship Badge

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Referee Badge

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Warm Up Badge

Level Three: Self-Direction

"Level 3 (Self-Direction) involves on-task independence (i.e. students working without supervision), goal-setting progressions, and working towards an understanding of one's needs."

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Basketball Badge

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Goal Badge

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Soccer Badge

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Heart Badge

Level Four: Caring

"Level 4 (Caring) puts an emphasis on sensitivity and compassion. Key elements include interpersonal skills and contributions to society."

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Jedi Badge

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Medic Badge

Level Five: Outside the Gym

"Level 5 involves taking the 4 previous levels and applying them outside of the program (or, in my case, my gym). At level 5, students are working on being able to transfer what they've discovered in your gym to the reality of their life outside of your PE program. "

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Apple Badge

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Coach Badge

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Outdoors Badge

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Family Badge

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Picture Badge

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Stretch Badge

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Water Badge

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Tournament Badge

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