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Looking for an enthusiastic, engaging speaker for your upcoming professional development event? A current physical educator who can truly inspire and connect with your teachers? Joey Feith, founder of, has provided over 50 professional development trainings and speaking events at the local, state/provincial, national and international levels. He is a young, recognized leader within the field of physical education and one of the most passionate physical educators you are likely to ever meet!

Experienced Speaker

He has worked with teachers from 2 different continents, 3 different countries, and over 15 different states & provinces.

International Speaker

He has worked with teachers from 2 different continents, 3 different countries, and over 15 different states & provinces.

Inspirational Speaker

As a current physical educator, Joey knows how to connect with teachers and lead from the trenches.

About Joey Feith

The first thing you need to know about me is that I love my job. Nothing makes me feel more alive than getting to help young people discover and develop their physical literacy through meaningful physical education experiences.

It was this pure passion for my work that pushed me to launch in 2010.

With no experience in web development, social media, or graphic design, I set out to develop a platform that would a) provide great value for physical educators, and b) that would best represent the high standard of quality so many teachers from around the world strive for on a daily basis. Six years later and I am still committed to achieving that goal.

Along the way, I have presented my work and my ideas at various professional development events and conferences. I have had the honour of working with physical educators at the local, provincial, national, and even international levels. receives over 250 000 visits per year and has a social following of over 31 000 physical education teachers and advocates. More than 2500 people receive my newsletter, hundreds have subscribed to my podcast, and teachers from all over the world participate on Twitter in’s bi-monthly #pechat.

Joey on Rock

What I Bring To Your Event

Inspiring Presentations

My presentations are known to keep attendees engaged through meaningful messages, innovative ideas and incredible visuals!

Real-World Practices

As a current practitioner striving to be as effective as I can be, I only share best practices that I have tried and tested in my own teaching.

Online Engagement

I want to help your teachers connect with the online #physed community and have teachers from around the globe be a part of your event via social media.

Event Promotion

Using’s vast online reach, I want to help you maximize your event’s attendance to benefit the most teachers possible!

Innovative Resources

Your attendees will gain access to a wide variety of innovative teaching resources that will help them take their pedagogy to the next level!

Authentic Passion

Between sessions, you’ll find me shooting the breeze with your attendees as we share our ideas and our passion for teaching.

Popular Topics

Bringing tech into PhysEd
Physical Education 2.0: Bringing Technology Into Your Gymnasium

Interested in integrating technology into your teaching? If so, then this workshop is for you! Come find out how teachers from around the world are using technology to enhance their teaching. I’ll also be breaking down some of my own tried, tested, and PE-ready ideas so you can try them out yourself!

Digital Physed Professional Development
The New Professional Development: Building Your (Online) Personal Learning Network

Research tells us that ongoing professional development is a key element of an effective physical education program. That being said, social media is allowing teachers everywhere to participate in meaningful, daily professional development without even having to leave home! Come learn how you can get in on the social media professional development game and start becoming a better teacher today!

Purposeful PhysEd
Purposeful #PhysEd: Creating A Curriculum-Based Roadmap For Learning

For physical education to be effective, it must be purposeful. Come learn how I broke down/mapped out my provincial curriculum and put it at the core of my teaching, assessment, and evaluation. You’ll see how doing so allowed my students to reach more educational outcomes than ever before and helped them rethink what physical education could allow them to do!

Games for Learning
Designing Games for Learning

What role do games play in your physical education curriculum? Are games there just to keep your students busy, happy, good… or are your games helping your students reach learning objectives? Come see how I align games to my curriculum’s outcomes and learn how to layer every game to meet the needs of your learners.

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