Crowdsourced Survivor Unit

I wrote a blog post a while back about getting a bunch of #PEGeeks together to crowdsource a Survivor themed leadership unit. After a lot of teachers provided feedback, ideas, and activities, I felt like I had enough material to put together a short leadership unit for my students. Today I’d like to share that unit with you.

I’ve typed up all of the lessons and their corresponding activities. You can download the entire unit plan here. I made the unit plan as simple as possible so that it was easier to adapt to any curriculum.

Thanks again to all of the #PEGeeks who shared ideas/activities for the unit. But let’s not stop the conversation here! Add your thoughts/experiences in leadership activities in the comments below. Also, let me know if this type of experience (crowdsourcing a unit) is something you would like to be a part of again in the future.

I hope you enjoy the unit and look forward to hearing what you think!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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