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Ladies and gentlemen of the #physed community, its time to chat.

The official #pechat voting polls are open. Below the voting widget you will find a description of each topic. Check out the options and then cast your vote. Be aware that the polls will close this Saturday June 9th, so be sure to vote before then.

The first ever #pechat will be taking place June 11th 2012. As mentioned earlier, it will last the entire day and will be taking place worldwide, so you don’t want to miss out!

Topic Options

Social media for PE students?
submitted by @syangman
Should we require students (K-12, Higher Ed.) to use social media as part of their coursework?

Exergaming in PE
submitted by @syangman
Are exergames (video games that require you to move – WiiFit, DDR, Kinect) acceptable in PE? If so, how are we preparing teacher-candidates to be knowledgeable and skilled in how to set-up the technology and use it effectively to obtain objectives?

Nutrition and Wellness
submitted by @syangman
How much of the year do you spend on nutrition, wellness, and fitness? e.g. days, or % of year/content How is this material divided according to the age/year of students?

Professional Review
submitted by @syangman
Should a PE teacher’s evalutaion be partially assessed on student test scores in english, reading, and math? Currently in New York, up to 40% of a teacher’s evaluation can be directly linked to student test scores. We still have not solidified if and how PE and health scores might be tied in.

Integrating technology in #physed
submitted by @joeyfeith
How are schools integrating technology into their #physed curriculum? What are some of the obstacles in doing so and how are teachers finding solutions to these obstacles? What is the future of tech in PE? What are the steps to setting up a 21st Century gym?

21st Century PETE (Physical Education Teacher Education)
submitted by @joeyfeith
How is higher education preparing their students to become physical education teachers? Are pre-service teachers being prepared for 21st century learners?

TGFU framework in #physed
submitted by @kellyannparry
A #TGFU framework for enhancing Quality Teaching and Improving Student Learning Outcomes in PDHPE. Does it enhance student learning outcomes? What are the values for the learner? What is the biggest cause of resistance? Why are games effective for fostering students learning?

Health-Based Physical Education
submitted by @DrAshCasey
A new model (like TGfU) that we are developing at the University.

submitted by @DrAshCasey
How to study your own practice? What does it take to be a reflective practitioner?

Cooperative Learning
submitted by @DrAshCasey
Real cooperation rather than collaboration. Teaching kids to interact and succeed as well as learning to be physically active.

submitted by @Tri_HealthNY
How to advocate for your PE program and keep from future budget cuts



Joey Feith is the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.