App Review: CoachNote

Category: Teaching
Platform: iOS
Price: Free (Free Lite Versions Available)

What is it?

CoachNote is one of those apps that once you start using you can’t put down. As a 21st century Physical Educator, it removes the need for a whiteboard in your gym and allows you to explain activities, drills, tactics, field positioning and rules in a simple, visually appealing way.

You can choose from over 60 different sports with accurate field templates ranging from sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby to more obscure sports like cheerleading, gaelic football, rounders, billiards, and canoe polo.

Once you have chosen your template you have a number of options at your disposal. You can add players, balls, markers, crosses to the field to help you explain your drills or tactics.When moving the ball or players you will see a tracking line to help show the path of the object or player. You can even change the view of the field from full field to half field with objects already placed remaining in their spot.

More than just a simple clipboard or whiteboard – with CoachNote you can record save and share your plays into a playable video for players, teammates and friends. Voice recording is available on plays, which is perfect for Flipping your classroom. Load it up to your class blog and have the students watch it before the lesson.

Your Coach Notes can be saved in the app to My Notes and videos recorded using the app are automatically saved into Photos on your iPad for later use. By clicking on the Share button on the home screen you can view other users Coach Notes that they have uploaded.

CoachNote has a number of different settings that can be modified once inside a template. You can view the template in white or black, as well as modify the objects which you are placing on the field.

What are the app’s best features?

The ability to record your voice when using the app to display is really its greatest feature for me. I have used this feature for TGfU tactical discussions and it has really been useful for myself as a teacher to review that way I am instructing, but also for the kids to develop a deeper understanding of the game they are playing. You can see an example of this at

Where does the app fall short?

The only issue I am having with CoachNote right now is that sometimes when trying to move a player or ball on the screen it is difficult to grab the object and move it without drawing another unwanted line on the screen. It is not a huge issue, but does take time to erase the unwanted line, or undo the unwanted movement. Maybe if you could make the objects a little larger than the current maximum size it would help.

How is it useful for #physed?

It is the perfect app for the 21st century #physed teacher and the perfect companion for any #physed teacher with an iPad. The ability to be able to record your voice over the annotations is a huge advantage, enabling you to flip your classes. The design is great and it seems that the CoachNote folks are working hard to improve it and add features all the time. A MUST HAVE for all #physed teachers!


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Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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