App Review: VoiceThread

Category: Assessment
Platform: iOS, Web
Price: Free (In App Purchases Available)

What is it?

VoiceThread allows #PhysEd teachers to create and share dynamic conversations around documents, images, diagrams and videos — basically anything there is to talk about. You can talk, type, and draw right on the screen. VoiceThread takes your conversations to the next level, capturing your presence, not just your comments. You can even share your VoiceThread so anyone can join the discussion.

The VoiceThread app allows you to make 5 free VoiceThreads. After that, you can purchase another five VoiceThreads or upgrade to a Pro subscription. A Pro subscription is $5.99 per month, and allows you to create an unlimited number of VoiceThreads.

What are the app’s best features?

VoiceThread is available on a wide range of devices and it is very simple to switch between your handheld device to your laptop or desktop while not losing functionality. Once you get your VoiceThread set up it is very easy to use and produces a nice finished product that you can easily share via email or embed into a website.

Where does the app fall short?

The fact that you can only create five VoiceThreads for free is a bit of a shortcoming, however it does give you a bit of a chance to test it out and see if you like the way it operates. From there, you can make a better decision about purchasing additional VoiceThreads. The design can be a little minimalistic and confusing at times but with further upgrades hopefully the developers will work on the aesthetics a bit more.

How is it useful for #physed?

This app is great is perfect for use with all ages but especially with the younger students who may find it more difficult to express themselves when writing. I used this app with my K1 class to create a portfolio piece to highlight their learning in #PhysEd over the course of the first semester. VoiceThread allowed me to have a conversation with the students using a photo of them participating in #PhysEd. The students were able to annotate the picture and record their thoughts quickly and easily. If you school has a budget to purchase more VoiceThreads then this is a fantastic tool to document learning in #PhysEd




Joey Feith is the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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