Using Images in Google Forms

OK, so I know it hasn’t been that long since my last post on Google Forms, but something was brought to my attention that got me pumped about Forms all over again:

You can now easily embed images inside your Google Forms.

Before I show you how I would use this, let me just show you how it is done:

Step One: Create Your New Form

This part is pretty easy, you just create a form like you would normally do. In case you have no idea why you would want to use Google Forms in #physed, check out my last blog post on the topic.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.06.26 PM

Step Two: Click on “Add Item”

Again, this is the same as if you wanted to add a new questions/section headers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.06.34 PM
Step Three: Select “Image”

Whoa! This is new!


Step Four: Import Your Image

You have to love drag-and-drop functionality! You can also upload your image the old way too!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.06.59 PM

Step Five (optional): Add Information to Your Image

You can add a header/hover text if you like.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.08.06 PM

Step Six: Continue Adding Questions to Your Form

You can now add questions that could relate to the image you just added to your form!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.08.28 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.09.10 PM

Step Seven: Share Your Form With Your Students

Once your form is complete, you’re ready to share it with your students!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 8.10.08 PM
As you can tell from the images in the screenshots, I’m going to be using the new feature in Google Forms in an upcoming student quiz on Striking/Fielding game tactics (which I have been working on with my grade 5 class).

In the example above, I took a quick picture during class and then added a few stickers to it (“One”, “Two”, “Three”) using Skitch. By labelling those stickers, I could then use them as multiple choice answers in my Form’s questions. Just a quick little example, but I feel as though this might prove to be very useful throughout the rest of the school year.

How do you plan on using Google Forms now that you can embed images? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.