The #PhysEd Awards 2013

For some of us, the school year is about to wrap up and summer has arrived.

Looking back on this past school year, I cannot believe how much I have changed as a teacher. In my opinion, one of the main reasons for this incredible change has been…


If you hadn’t taken the time to write that blog post, I would have never known how to use technology in #physed. If you hadn’t started your Twitter account, I would have been oblivious to all of your great ideas/opinions. If you hadn’t made those YouTube videos, created those Vines, joined in that Branch, or shared those apps on Facebook… I would have never learned as much as I did this year (or at least not as fast as I did!)

Trust me when I tell you that I know how much effort it takes to create and share content with fellow teachers. We often get these great ideas and put so much effort into making them reality that it would be easy to draw the line there. However, so many of you don’t. You sit down in front of your computer/tablet/phone/camera and create content in the hopes of it helping/inspiring some teacher in another part of the world. You pour hours into making sure your content is great, feel nervous before clicking “post”, and sometimes wait for days before you get your first comment or like. Yet you go on posting, doing your best to help raise the bar for #physed everywhere.

Today I am happy to launch an initiative to recognize those who have dedicated hours and hours of their lives to helping rethink what can be done in Physical Education.

I present to you: The #PhysEd Awards.

The #PhysEd Awards are a new, annual initiative by to recognize individual #physed teachers who dedicate themselves to professional content creation and knowledge sharing.

Here is how it works:

Phase One: Submissions

During this phase, members of the #physed community can submit nominees for each of the award categories. The categories are:

1. Best Individual #PhysEd Teacher Blog
2. Best Individual #PhysEd Teacher Twitter Account
3. Best #PhysEd YouTube Account
4. Best #PhysEd App

Here are the rules for submissions:

1. You may only submit nominations once (I will ask you to provide your email address to try and prevent any multiple submissions. Your email will not be used for any other purpose than this. That means ever.)
2. You may not submit your own blog, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, and/or App.
3. You may not vote for and/or Joey Feith
4. For the #PhysEd Teacher Blog and Twitter Account awards, nominations must represent individual accounts. You cannot submit blog/Twitter accounts that represent an organization, company, and/or group of individuals.

Phase Two: Voting

After the nominations deadline (June 26 2013) has passed, polls for each award category will be created and posted on The #PhysEd Awards page. Each poll will include the top four most popular submissions for that category. The #PhysEd community will then be able to vote to select each category’s winner.

Phase Three: Awards

After the voting polls are closed, a blog post will be created to announce the winners. Winners will be notified ahead of time and will be invited to create a video acceptance speech. Each winner will be featured on the official #PhysEd Awards page and will receive a graphic that they may display on their blog/website.

That being said, let’s get the 2013 #PhysEd Awards show on the road!

Here’s how:

1. Head over to the Nomination Form and enter your choices for this year’s #PhysEd Awards categories.
2. On Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, or any other platform that supports hashtags, get the word out about the 2013 #PhysEd Awards by including #PEAwards13 in your posts.
3. If you can, email your coworkers a link to the official #PhysEd Awards page. This is a great time to be showing off all of the amazing professional sharing, networking, and collaboration that is taking place within the online #physed community. If were lucky, we might just get a few new people to join us.

That’s it for now. Get busy with your nominations and, again, thank you for everything that you do for #physed.

Thanks for reading!


Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.

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