The #PhysEd Podcast #006

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The #PhysEd Podcast – Episode 6 Show Notes

The #PhysEd Awards 2013 – Check out who won and watch their acceptance videos!
Summer CPD (Continuing Professional Development)’s Speaking Page – Thanks for considering me (Joey) for your upcoming #physed event! – Check out some of the amazing things teachers from around the world are working on together.
UBC Meaningful Technology Integration in #PhysEd Workshop Resources


Olympic Day Cookbook (PDF) – Here are the templates Joey created for this past year’s Olympic Day at his school. These are blank templates (I had to take my students’ names out of the docs) that you can use.


2013 National PE Institute – Official Hashtag: #PEInstitute13 (Joey will be using this hashtag a lot between the July 28 and August 2!)

Blogs/Twitter – Who to Follow – 2013 #PhysEd Awards Best Individual #PhysEd Teacher Blog!
@MoveLiveLearn – 2013 #PhysEd Awards Best Individual #PhysEd Teacher Twitter Account!
iPhysEd – 2013 #PhysEd Awards Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel!


Coach’s Eye – 2013 #PhysEd Awards Best #PhysEd Mobile App!
Jawbone UP – Start Living UP and join Joey and Nathan’s team!
Fixture Maker – Nathan uses this app to set up quick tournaments in his #physed classes.
Teemo – Turn your fitness into an adventure!
FrAppTap – Create highlight reels with your iPad’s video footage!
Headspace – Take the ten day “Take 10” challenge to help your focus and mental well-being!
Scientific 7 Minute Workout – A quick workout for staying in shape or just as a brain booster!
“Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – Check out Joey’s blog post on this amazing documentary about being truly passionate about the work you do.


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.