The “Rethink PE” Campaign

A few months ago, I launched a Teespring campaign called “Bring Learning Back”. I did so for two main reasons: a) to give people who wish to support an easy way to do so, and b) to help get the word out about the amazing, dedicated teachers from around the world who are helping rethink what can be done in physical education.

The campaign was successful (i.e. we met our Teespring goal of 50 pre-orders which allowed the shirts to ship), and the response was amazing. It is so cool to see physical educators from around the world rock a shirt that represents all that is right with #physed today!

Now it is time for a new campaign.

When I first launched, I needed to think of a tagline that quickly summed up what I wanted the site to be about. “Rethinking What Can Be Done In Physical Education” was what I came up with. To this day, I still like that tagline.

People often make assumptions of what I do when I tell them that I am a physical educator. I can’t blame them: they probably haven’t seen or heard of any the amazing things that are currently taking place in gyms around the world. However, I think it’s time we let the world know that (as @MoveLiveLearn would say) physical education ain’t what it used to be.

It’s time we help them rethink PE.

I launched the campaign a couple of days ago. After listening to what everyone had to say after the last campaign, I decided to create two campaigns this time: one for men and one for women. For either of the shirts to ship (the men’s shirt or the women’s shirt), there needs to be at least 25 pre-orders. When you pre-order, your credit card will not be charged unless the campaign meets its goal (25 pre-ordered shirts). Only if we do meet the goal, your credit card will be charged after the end of the campaign (August 21 2013) and the shirts will ship.

So there it is: the “Rethink PE” campaign. I would really appreciate any help getting the word out and thank you so much in advance for your support!

Click here for the men’s “Rethink PE” campaign.

Click here for the women’s “Rethink PE” campaign.

Let’s do this!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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