TWiPE #001: November 11-17 2013

There is a lot that takes place on a weekly basis within the online (and offline) #physed community. Some weeks, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the amazing ideas, events, and resources that are being shared.

To help you stay on top of all of this amazing content, we’ve decided to put together a weekly “This Week in #PhysEd (TWiPE)” post to highlight some of the ideas, events, and resources that really caught our eye over the past week (and share some of our own posts that you may have missed). The posts will be published every Sunday morning (Eastern Time), and we’re hoping TWiPE will become part of your Sunday morning reading ritual (it’s already part of ours!)

That being said, let’s get into the first edition of TWiPE! We’re still toying around with the format, so please feel free to leave us any feedback you may have in the comments below!

This Week’s BIG Idea!
Reflecting on a #SportEd Season: The Mustang Cup” by Nathan Horne

If you haven’t read Nathan recap on his recent Sport Education season, you really need to. In his post, Nathan takes the time to provide an overview of the Sport Education (a.k.a. SEPEP) model, describes the entire planning/organization phase, provides the reader with in-season videos of the students engaging in the SEPEP experience, and even share some take away reflections on the power of putting students in the driver’s seat of their own learning.

The best part? This is just part one of his posts! Nathan will also be sharing additional information about how technology enhanced the assessment process throughout the unit.

Be sure to follow Nathan Horne on Twitter and check out his amazing blog,, for tons of other great ideas for your Physical Education classes.

Three Things You Have To Check Out!

1. “The PEPRN Podcast” by Ashley Casey

A few weeks back, Ash Casey decided to take his popular “Major Themes in #PhysEd” blog post series and provide an alternate audio version of his posts through his brand new PEPRN Podcast. If you’re looking to learn more about how research can be applied in your practice, you definitively want to check this out!

2. APEQ’s 2013 Annual Conference

On November 21st 2013, the Association of Physical Educators of Quebec will host it’s annual conference at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. I’m lucky enough to be on the organizing committee for this year’s conference (I’m also presenting twice at it), and I can say that this year’s conference is going to be very exciting. If Montreal isn’t too far away for you, you definitively want to make the trip!

3. “Health Education autoCrat Feedback Forms” by Matt Pomeroy

If you haven’t been following Matt lately, you really need to check out the awesome work he has been doing! This past week, he shared how he has been using autoCrat, the popular Google Apps Script, to create instant, individualized feedback forms for the Health Education presentations his students have been working on.

Five Great Ideas

1. “Badminton Bingo” by Jo Bailey

Check out Jo’s awesome badminton bingo warm-up.

2. “Instagram Physical Literacy Board” by Adam Howell

Adam came up with a great use of Instagram in the classroom.

3. “Evernote Lesson Planning Workflow

Check out how I get my lesson planning done/organized with Evernote.

4. “Building A Team Handball Unit”

Here’s a Team Handball unit that I created for my grade 5-6 classes last spring.

5. “Lobster Ball

This week’s Game of the Week is a net/wall game that focuses on maintaining a rally, attacking an open space, and court positioning.


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