TWiPE #003: November 25-December 1 2013

TWiPE #003: November 25-December 1 2013

There is a lot that takes place on a weekly basis within the online (and offline) #physed community. Some weeks, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the amazing ideas, events, and resources that are being shared. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a weekly “This Week in #PhysEd (TWiPE)” post to highlight some of the ideas, events, and resources that really caught our eye over the past week (and share some of our own posts that you may have missed). That being said, here’s this week’s edition of This Week in #PhysEd!

TWiPE 003A

Idea: Purposeful #PhysEd: A Visual Guide
Description: This week, I put together a video to describe Purposeful #PhysEd: the process I use to link the curriculum to my planning, assessment, instruction, feedback, and evaluation.

In the video I go over the ten steps of Purposeful #PhysEd: Triage, Matching, Activity Selection, Evaluation Criteria, Lesson Planning, Mapping, Assessment Tools, Lesson Planning, Instruction/Assessment, and Evaluation.

I recently gave a presentation on Purposeful #PhysEd at the 2013 APEQ Conference. In that presentation, I shared some of my own teaching documents that were produce through the Purposeful #PhysEd workflow.

TWiPE 003 BCDIdea One: Autocrat & Personalized Fitness Test Reports
Jarrod Robinson
Description: Google Scripts are proving to have an incredible amount of potential uses in physical education. Autocrat, one of the most popular Google Scripts being used by the #physed community these days, is an incredible document merge script that is allowing #physed teachers everywhere to create individualized feedback forms for students.

Who better than The PE Geek himself to walk us through the Autocrat process for creating such individualized reports? Jarrod put together an awesome 14 minute walk through video to show how he is using Autocrat in a Fitness Test Unit. If you’re new to Autocrat, this video is definitively worth checking out!

Idea Two: Introducing the Skill-ometer
Author: Daniel Coyle (this post was shared with the #physed community by Shane Pill)
Description: The Talent Code isn’t just an amazing book on developing one’s talent, it also has a very active, interesting community blog. In this post, the author provides readers with a simple test to help teachers/coaches reflect on the effectiveness of their lessons/practices.

I found the post to be very interesting, especially considering the #physed community’s recent chats on deliberate practice and game design. I know I’ll be using this Skill-ometer test within my lessons this week!

Idea Three: Better Them Than Us – Do we give important answers away too easily and too soon?
Author: Andy Vasily
Description: As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am a big fan of Andy’s use of visuals in physical education. In this blog post, he explains the process through with he had his students explain the importance of feedback when it comes to improvement in movement compositions (which is what his classes are working on these days).

By providing his students with visual reminders of their progress, Andy is leading them to a better understanding of important concepts rather than just “giving them the answers”. Great work!

Idea One: 6 Hoops
Rebecca Peter
Rebecca took the time to type up this fun invasion game to help students work on attacking a goal area, getting open, and passing.

Idea Two: Masterball
Brian Gadient
Brian is keeping up his great work at PhysEdGames. This week he released Masterball, a high-intensity basketball activity that incorporates different skills.

Idea Three: Is our teaching keeping pace with the changing world around us?
Andy Vasily
Yet another great reflection, this time Andy asks the question if we are truly doing enough to meet the needs of our 21st Century Learners.

Idea Four: What’s In Your Bag, Naomi Hartl?
Nathan Horne
Nathan continued his fun “What’s In Your Bag?” blog post series this week by having Naomi Hartl share some of her gear.

Idea Five: How I Teach: Ashlea Mills
This week’s How I Teach post featured Ashlea Mills. Ashlea has been doing some amazing work in physical education (she even moderated a few #pechats) and is a wonderful asset to the #physed community.

Did you enjoy this week’s edition of This Week in #PhysEd? These posts will be published every Sunday morning (Eastern Time), and we’re hoping TWiPE will become part of your Sunday morning reading ritual (it’s already part of ours!) We’re still toying around with the format, so please feel free to leave us any feedback you may have in the comments below or by using the #TWiPE hashtag on Twitter!


Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.

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