Apps We Use: Blue Jay Bridge

With so many apps out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth checking out. To help you in your search for great apps, we’ve decided to create a new blog post series in which members of the #physed community can share their favourite apps and how those apps help them as physical educators. Each post will be divided into four sections: Introduction, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps. The second post in this series comes from one of the kindest, most dedicated teachers I have ever have the chance to meet. I hope you enjoy the Apps We Use series and be sure to fill out the Google Form if you would like to be featured in it!


Name: Blue Jay Bridge
Twitter: @MrBridge204
Where do you teach? HGI Middle School in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Desktop Computer/OS: Windows PC
Mobile Devices: iPod and iPad
Preferred Browser: Safari and Firefox

Desktop Apps

Twitter (Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android)

Twitter has allowed me to share in ways that I’ve never been able to before. It’s allowed me to share with more people than I’ve ever been able to share with. It’s allowed me to to just watch as incredible educators have professions discussions with each other. I love twitter!

Mobile Apps


Songza (Available for iOS and Android)

This is a great app for playing music in your classes. It has many pre-made playlists. My favourite for my physed classes is Today’s Pop Hits (clean lyrics). This playlist is updated every month or so to the latest top 40 songs and has the radio edits of all the songs so you know the lyrics will be appropriate.

Music Workout

Music Workout (Available for iOS)

This app, created by Jarrod Robinson, allows you to set up workout intervals along with rest intervals. You can then import your music so it’ll play when your students are in a workout interval and the music will pause when the students are in a rest interval. This is great for activities like circuit training, station work and carousel learning where you want to be floating between groups and giving feedback without having to be focused on watching the clock so you move the students to the next station at the desired time.

Check out my blog post about my use of this app.

Show Me

Show Me (Available for iPad)

Show Me makes your iPad an interactive whiteboard, much like a Smartboard. Show Me allows you to record your voice while showing the visual of your lesson. These can be recorded and saved for playback by yourself or your students at any time. This ability to rematch your lessons can be great for students who were away from school or require the lesson again in order to gain the understanding of the topic that was being taught.

I wrote a more detailed explanation of the way I’ve used Show Me on my blog.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck (Available for iPad)

Haiku Deck allows you to create presentations much like PowerPoint. The beauty of Haiku Deck is that you are allowed limited text on each slide, which ensure that the presenter isn’t just reading directly from their presentation slides, and that all of the Haiku Deck images you can use for your slides are pictures that are licensed under Creative Commons.

Web Apps


WordPress (Available on Web, iOS, and Android)

I use WordPress to write blogs about my teaching. This has proven to be very beneficial in reflecting on my practice and has allowed me to share with other teachers about success that I’ve experienced in my teaching.


MyFitnessPal (Available on Web, iOS, and Android)

MyFitnessPal is a free online resource that allows you to log in the foods that you are eating and any exercise you are doing and the site will track all of your caloric intake and calories burnt. I’ve used this site with my high school students during our nutrition units.

Many of my students are surprised to learn that due to their high basal metabolism and high activities levels many of them are not eating enough calories with enough of the required vitamins and nutrients.

So that’s it for this second “Apps We Use” post. Would you like to share some of your favourite apps with the #physed community? Fill out our “Apps We Use” Google Form and we will feature your post in an upcoming week!

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.