TWiPE #005: December 9-15 2013

There is a lot that takes place on a weekly basis within the online (and offline) #physed community. Some weeks, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the amazing ideas, events, and resources that are being shared. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a weekly “This Week in #PhysEd (TWiPE)” post to highlight some of the ideas, events, and resources that really caught our eye over the past week (and share some of our own posts that you may have missed). That being said, here’s this week’s edition of This Week in #PhysEd!

TWiPE 005 AIdea: The #PhysEd Podcast ep.007 (We’re Back!)
Author: Joey Feith & Nathan Horne
Description: This week, the #physed podcast returned after a 6 month hiatus. After experiencing some technical issues with our hosting plan, Nathan and I are back into podcasting mode and ready to keep sharing our ideas and experiences in physical education!

Because we had to switch our media host, than means that the old iTunes link is no longer good. If you’d like to subscribe to The #PhysEd Podcast on iTunes, please be sure to do so here.

Thanks again to everyone who has listened to the podcast, subscribed, or recommended it to a friend! Nathan and I are really excited to be back in action, and we can’t wait to be sharing our conversations with you all!

TWiPE 005 BIdea One: WWWTW: Week 6 -Teach Like a Pirate, Arrrgghh!
Author: Jo Bailey
Description: After participating in a #TLAP (Teach Like A Pirate) chat on Twitter, Jo decided to take up a challenge that would have her students designing activities using nothing but a piece of newspaper.

The results, which Jo details in her blog post, were incredible and goes to show how a little thinking outside the box can lead to amazingly engaging experiences for our students.

Idea Two: Apps We Use: Blue Jay Bridge
Author: Blue Jay Bridge (via
Description: The second edition of the Apps We Use blog post series had the one and only Blue Jay Bridge sharing his favourite apps for physical education.

Check out Blue’s awesome app selection here. If you would like to be featured in the Apps We Use series, feel free to fill out the official submission form.

Idea Three: Holiday Games: Elf Express
Description: With 2013 coming to an end, I’m getting ready to have some fun with my students while playing different holiday-themed games in PE.

The first of these games will be Elf Express: a fun, cooperation game for all ages. Check it out and let me know what you think!

TWiPE 005 EIdea One: Santa Fruit Snacks
Author: Life Cheating (shared with the #physed community by Jo Bailey)
Here’s a great, healthy, holiday-themed snack idea from the people at Life Cheating.

Idea Two:
Half Pics for Health Education
Half Pics (shared with the #physed community by Blue Jay Bridge)
Earlier this week, Blue shared this sweet Twitter account that shares pictures of things cut in half. A few of the pictures shared would be great resources for health education!

Idea Three:
Parkour in #PhysEd
Brandon Flowers
Check out the sweet Vine of Brandon’s students participating in gymnastics and parkour activities!

Idea Four:
Volleyball Peer Assessment Forms
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan shared some peer assessment forms he created to help students assess the underhand serve in volleyball.

Idea Five: Progression Check Grid
Check out this very cool progression check grid for physical education!

Did you enjoy this week’s edition of This Week in #PhysEd? These posts will be published every Sunday morning (Eastern Time), and we’re hoping TWiPE will become part of your Sunday morning reading ritual (it’s already part of ours!) We’re still toying around with the format, so please feel free to leave us any feedback you may have in the comments below or by using the #TWiPE hashtag on Twitter!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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