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I don’t know about you, but January was a wild month for me! Between getting back into teaching mode after a two week break, starting up a bunch of new units in PE, and running extracurricular activities for my students… trying to stay on top of all of the great PE ideas being shared online seemed impossible.

That being said, I still wanted to get a new edition of This Week in #PhysEd (TWiPE) out to make it easier to discover what everyone was sharing during the month of January. For the first time, TWiPE is also being released as an email newsletter, so let me know what you think. I will continue to produce these news summaries on a weekly basis, and if enough of you are interested in the email format, I’ll have them delivered fresh to your inbox every Sunday morning!

Ok, enough chit chat. Let’s get into 2014’s first edition of TWiPE!

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Not Your Mama’s Gym Class
By @CNNHealth (via @PhysEd_Pomeroy)

A true star of the #physed community, Matt Pomeroy’s excellent work as a physical educator was featured in a CNN story on innovative practices in physical education. The article highlighted Matt’s desire to integrate technology into his teaching to meet the needs of his learners, as well as his efforts in helping every student find an activity that will help them stay active throughout their lifetime.
The article is an excellent read and will surely do wonders when it comes to advocating high quality physical education.
Thank you Matt for all of your hard work and for inspiring us all to raise the bar for physical education! [View Article]

Joey Feith Nominated For A Shorty Award In Education
By @phys_educator

Thanks to some pretty remarkable people, I have been nominated for a Shorty Award in Education. The Shorty Awards honour the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social Web.
Each category will have 7 finalists which will be composed of the top 4 nominees with the most votes along with 3 other nominees selected by the Shorty Awards’ Academy.
As I write this, I am currently in 4th place and could still use some votes! I really hope I deserve your vote and wrote a blog post detailing some of the work I have done to help promote and develop the international #physed community.
I would really appreciate all of the support I can get, so thank you for considering voting for me!

2014 Phil Lawler DuPage County Institute Registration Is Now Open!
By @phys_educator

The 2014 Phil Lawler DuPage County Institute will be taking place in Naperville, Illinois on February 28th. I was honoured to have been asked by the legendary Paul Zientarski to present at this year’s Institute. Attendance is expected to be around 1500, and I cannot wait to meet face-to-face with members of the #physed community! I’ll be giving two presentations: Physical Education 2.0 and Designing Games for Learning. Check out the registration page and let me know if you can make it!

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A Sporting Chance
By @Doug_Gleddie

In his first blog post of 2014, Doug takes on school sport and outlines what he considers to be the main problems with it. Not being one to simply complain about problems, Doug then goes on to provide us with a variety of ways in which school sport could be changed to be more inclusive, educational, and focused on development. [View Post]

Educational Research: Why It Matters & Considerations
By @MoveLiveLearn

In this informative blog post, Amanda takes on educational research and attempts to explain, in plain English, some of the more complicated terms associated to it. The blog post’s achieves its objective in making reading educational research articles less intimidating. [View Post]

“Great Job!”
By @phys_educator

How often do you catch yourself saying “Great Job!” to a student without explaining what was great about what they just did? In this blog post, I go over why it is important to provide students with positive, specific feedback and share some strategies I will be using in my teaching to make sure I do so! [View Post]

The “Winning” Culture of School Sport?
By @adamphowell

Adam’s blog post looks at the negative effect that today’s “winning” school sport culture is having on young athletes. He explores the ideas of students “burning out” after early specialization and the marginalization of under-developed athletes. [View Post]

Is Professional Development As Useful As More Ice Is To The Inuit?
By @DrAshCasey

Continuing his great “Major Themes in PE” blog post series, Ash takes a look at professional development. His post suggest that PD “fails to deliver anything of real use to teachers and, until it does, then teachers will be forced to suffer in silence, adopt avoidance tactics or find (and fund) their own PD.[View Post]

Apps I Wish My Students Would Use (Part 2)
By @phys_educator

Building upon my previous post with the same title, I wanted to share some of the apps I enjoy using to help me stay healthy that I wish my students would get into. What are some of yours? [View Post]

#PEPLC For Pre-Service PE Teachers
By @Schaef9

In his first ever blog post, Lee Schaefer shares his experience with trying to help his pre-service teachers see the value of the #PEPLC community. He details the assignment that he asked his students to complete, as well as any challenges and/or success he encountered along the way. [View Post]

The #PhysEd Playlist Project
By @phys_educator

This year, I plan on creating a few projects that will take advantage of how huge our #physed community has grown! The first of these projects involved creating a crowdsourced group of music playlists for use in our physical education lessons. What I hoped we would accomplish in a couple of days was accomplished in a couple of hours! [View Post]

What Learning Opportunities Are You Creating For Your Students?
By @adamphowell(via @phys_educator )

In his first guest post on, Adam writes about how our beliefs help shape the way we create learning opportunities for our students. [View Post]

Google Apps For #PhysEd: Combining Drive & Sites For Portfolios
By @PENathan

Continuing the great work he does in integrating technology into his physical education teaching, Nathan shares in his latest blog post how physical educators can combine Google Drive along with Google Sites to create awesome student portfolios that “automagically” update as new evidence is collected in class. [View Post]

Grade 5 Health Related Fitness Unit
By @AndyVasily

Andy does such a great job at sharing the why, how, and what of his teaching, and this blog post is no exception. He goes into great detail about how he will allow his students to create their own fitness plan to meet fitness goals that they have designed for themselves. Definitively worth a read! [View Post]

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Bowling Activities
By @LovePhyEd

Always willing to share great resources, Jo put together a list of activities and progressions that can be used as part of a bowling unit. [View Resource]

Volleyball Bingo
By @adamphowell

Check out this awesome, QR-code enhanced volleyball bingo resource that Adam created! [View Resource]

Sochi 2014 #PhysEd Activity Ideas
By @GHsaysrockchalk

Sarah has put together a great list of olympic-inspired activities for you to use in your #physed lessons during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! [View Resource]

#PhysEd Learning Goals Board
By @TheHPEBlog

Check out this awesome use of a variety of visuals in a #physed lesson. [View Resource]

Live Sports Day
By @Williams10Mark

Mark organized an incredible Live Sports Day which was broadcasted online for all to view and share in the experience. [View Resource]

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#PEChat Summary: Digital Assessment
By @phys_educator

The first official #pechat of 2014 took place on January 27. The chat topic was “Digital Assessment in #PhysEd”. It was moderated by @PENathan (SG), @DrAshCasey (UK), @joeyfeith (CAN), @adamphowell (USA), and @kellyannparry (AUS) [View #PEChat Summary]

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Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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