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If you are new to “Lil’ Help?”, the advice column for physical educators, the idea is that members of the #physed community could submit issues that they have with their own teaching (things that we know we could be doing better) anonymously and then invite the community to analyze these issues and provide possible solutions.

Using a combination of the blog’s comments functionality (which allows for more characters than Twitter), we should be able to get a good discussion going around some of these issues (the last Lil’ Help? post got an amazing amount of helpful comments and suggestions).

That being said, here is the latest issue I’d ask you to tackle (submitted anonymously by a member of our community):

Name: Prison Guard
Grade Levels Taught: Elementary (K-5)
Issue: Our school has become so full of rough kids new to our school this year that the teachers in the building are having a hard time teaching because of all the fights, screaming, and stealing. It’s out of control all over the building. I feel that if they came to the gym under control, I might have a chance, but the classroom teachers just dump them off like animals. Any games we could play, we can’t because of all the violent tempers.

How would you help “Prison Guard” with this school-wide problem? What strategies have worked for you when dealing with such issues? Leave your helpful tips in the comments below!

Do you have issues with your own teaching that you would like to share anonymously? If so, fill out this short Google Form and I will feature your issue in the next edition of Lil’ Help!

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Happy teaching!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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