Vote For Joey In The 6th Annual Shorty Awards!

Earlier this week, I found out that some really great people I know from Twitter were getting together and nominating me for a Shorty Award in Education.

The Shorty Awards honour the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social Web.

For obvious reasons, I’m super humbled and honoured that such amazing educators would consider nominating me for the award. To be honest, I didn’t really know how to respond to it at first. Although I was extremely grateful, I was worried that promoting my nomination would come off as being a little, well, self-involved. However, after talking it through with my close friends (and my number one fan), I’ve decided that winning this Shorty Award is something I definitively want and, therefore, I have to work for it.

That being said, I’m writing this to ask for your vote. According to the Shorty Awards rules, “each Official Category will have 7 finalists. These include 4 with the most nominations from the public and 3 chosen by a new Shorty Awards Nominating Board made up of professional journalists from around the world.” If I’ve read that correctly, that means I need a lot of votes to even make it to the finalist round.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have to work for this. If you’re wondering why I want to win the Shorty Award for Education and/or you’re curious as to what I have done to deserve your vote, please keep reading:

What have I done to deserve your vote?

  1. Four years ago, after finding myself annoyed with the fact that I felt like everyone mocked my career choices, I decided to launch this website. My goal was to create something in education that looked like someone in business built it. I wanted to make sure that it looked professional, that it was easy to navigate, and, most importantly, that it promoted the use of social media for professional development. I wanted to try to get PE teachers from everywhere to really see the power of tools such as Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, and Facebook. I’m very proud of the site I have been able to build over the past four years.
  2. Through, I have spent a lot of time trying to help build the #physed community. This time has been spent helping physical educators understand how to use Twitter (one of my earliest videos focused on exactly that), creating cool projects that promoted professional collaboration via social media (e.g. the crowdsourced Survivor Unit, the #PEGeeks Logo Project, the #PEPics challenge, the “Lil’ Help?” blog post series, the #PhysEd Playlist Project), developing a platform for organized, professional discussion on all things physical education (a.k.a. #PEChat), and hosting an awards ceremony (i.e. The #PhysEd Awards) to recognize and celebrate recognize individual #physed teachers who dedicate themselves to online professional content creation.

Why do I want to win?

  1. Winning a Shorty Award would be incredible. The power of social media has always been amazing to me, and I’m in awe of how some people manage to harness that power. Being recognized for the work I’ve done to promote social media as a tool for professional networking, development, and collaboration for physical educators would be a huge honour.
  2. The category I am being nominated in is Education. For four years now, I’ve been doing my best to change the way people think about physical education, even within the education industry itself. For a physical educator to win this award, I think it would do a lot of good in promoting the kind of standard physical educators everywhere are striving to meet/exceed and to raise awareness for our unbelievable #physed community.

I hope that you will consider voting for me for the 2014 Shorty Award for Education. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter or by email.

Thank you all so much for your support. It means the world to me.

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of Be sure to never miss out on any of’s future posts by connecting with us via RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Email.


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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