TWiPE: February 2nd-8th 2014

Happy Olympics!

With Friday’s opening ceremonies getting everyone pumped up about this year’s Winter Games in Sochi, I can’t blame you for missing some of the great physical education ideas that were shared on Twitter this week.

That being said, do not fear! This Week in #PhysEd is here!

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TWiPE 007 Big News

New Team #PhysEd Campaign!
By @phys_educator

It seems like this cold weather just won’t go away. You can make the most of it (and support by picking up a brand new “Team #PhysEd” long sleeve tee and/or hoodie! We’ve launched a new Teespring campaign that will be ending on February 23rd. If we meet our goal of 50 pre-orders, then the campaign will ship and we will all be rocking some sweet new gear! However, if we don’t meet the 50 pre-order goal, the campaign will not ship (and anyone who pre-ordered will be reimbursed their money).
Check out the Team #PhysEd campaign page today and pre-order your gear!
Let’s get the word out and make this happen!

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2014 National PE Institute Registration Is Now Open!
By @ArtieKamiya

Last summer, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a keynote speaker at the National PE Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary! Getting to meet so many great physical educators was one of the most incredible professional experiences I have ever lived.
I’m really excited to be going back to Asheville this summer for the 2014 edition of the National PE Institute, and I really hope to meet even more of you this time around!
Check out the registration flyer and see if the NPEI works with your schedule. I can honestly say that it is not an event you’d want to miss out on!

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What Is The Value Of Fitness Training And Fitness Assessment In Junior Football
By @pilly66

In his blog post, Shane explores the value (or lack thereof) of fitness training/testing in junior football coaching. He provides quite a few arguments (as well as evidence) that support the idea of favouring small-sided tactical games, where students get more “on the ball” time, over actual fitness drills/tests. What I found most interesting about his post is the idea of modifying games rules/constraints to promote not only game sense development, but fitness gains as well. [View Post]

“What Do You See? Is It The Same As Me? I Assume It Is…”
By @DrAshCasey

In this week’s “Major Themes in PE” post, Ash goes over the idea that we need to advocate the “why” behind what we are doing in physical education to help everyone involved in a lesson be very clear about what exactly is going on. Not doing so can make the purpose of the lesson (as well as its structure) confusing to both the students and any observers. We should not just assume that everyone will “get” what we are trying to achieve in our lessons. [View Post]

WWWTW: Semester 2 Begins!
By @LovePhyEd

In her most recent “What Went Well This Week” blog post, Jo goes over some fun icebreaker activities (including an awesome fitness-based one) that she used with her new classes, and shared how, once again, Google Docs helped her keep her class organized. [View Post]

How I Teach: Charla Tedder Parker
By @phys_educator

In our most recent How I Teach post, Charla Tedder Parker (an amazing physical educator/National Teacher of the Year from North Carolina) shared some of her teaching passion and explained what makes her PE lessons unique. [View Post]

Major Lessons Learned About PEPLC In The First 9 Months
By @AndyVasily

In his post on the PEPLC blog, Andy goes over some of the lessons he has learned over the last 9 months in regards to managing/developing the PEPLC network. I think it’s great how honest Andy is willing to be and how he is ready to adapt the original vision that he (along with Nathan and Kelly) had for the PEPLC to meet the needs of the professionals who are a part of it. Andy’s passion never ceases to amaze. [View Post]

Back to school for 2014!
By @lj_thrilla

L.J. does a really good job of outlining some of the apps/tools that she will be using this school year to a) help flip her classes, b) help her provide her students with meaningful feedback, and c) to help her continue to be a leader within her school. [View Post]

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Winter Olympics Challenge
By @LovePhyEd

With the 2014 Winter Olympics underway, there has been a lot of talk on Twitter about different Olympic-themed activities for physical education. Once again, Jo has created an awesome fitness-based Winter Olympics challenge in which students can try to earn medals in different events. [View Resource]

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Next #PEChat Topic: Team Teaching
By @phys_educator

Our next #pechat will be taking place on Monday February 10th. The topic for the chat will be “Team Teaching in #PhysEd”. You can learn more about this week’s #pechat topic (or the chat itself) at the official #PEChat page!

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Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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