The #PhysEd Calendar

I was trying to catch up on my Twitter feed the other day and came to two realizations:

1. There is a lot of really cool conferences/workshops/events taking place around the world on a daily basis that aim to help physical educators improve their practice.

2. More and more, #physed professional development event organizers are using hashtags not only to connect attendees who are actually at their event, but also to invite teachers who could not make it to the event to be a part of the experience.

I got to thinking about all of these events and thought it would be cool if there was a simple tool to help us all be aware of any PD events taking places, to learn more about the people/organizations hosting these events, and to figure out what hashtags can allow us to be a part of the action.

That’s how I came up with the idea to create a public calendar where all of this information can be shared with the world. I’m calling it The #PhysEd Calendar, and I need your help to get it going.

The Calendar

The #PhysEd Calendar is a public Google Calendar where we will be posting information on upcoming real-world and online professional development opportunities for physical educators. Click the image below to view the calendar in your browser.

The #PhysEd Calendar

Events that will appear in the calendar will provide viewers with the following information:

  • The event title
  • The event’s start and end dates
  • The event’s location
  • The event’s registration page
  • The event’s host name and website
  • The event’s official hashtag
  • A description of the event

Adding Events To The Calendar

To submit an event for review to The #PhysEd Calendar, all you have to do is fill out the form below (click the image to jump to the form). One thing I want to add here is that Mike and I will be reviewing all the submissions and making sure that only events that are aligned with’s mission will be posted to the calendar. This isn’t us playing favourites, this is just us making sure that the calendar doesn’t fill up with ShamWow conference or promotional events that don’t actually benefit our readers. To all of you ShamWow sales representatives out there, please accept my deepest, ultra-absorbing apology.

Submit an event to the #physed calendar
Subscribing To The Calendar

I will be creating an official page on where you can view The #PhysEd Calendar and access the form to submit your event. Until that page goes live, you can always view the calendar in your browser by clicking here. Also, if you would like to subscribe to The #PhysEd Calendar and have the events appear in your favourite calendar app, here are some options for you to do so (just click the option that works best for you):

Google Calendar
XML Format

I’m hoping The #PhysEd Calendar will help us all be more aware of the amazing #physed events taking place around the world, how to register to ones that interest us, and how to be a part of those we cannot attend.

Let me know what you think about The #PhysEd Calendar in the comments below and feel free to start adding events to the calendar as soon as you like! No event is too big or too small, so have fun with it!

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of Be sure to never miss out on any of’s future posts by connecting with us via RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Email.


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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