Crowdsourcing The SHAPE America Grade-Level Outcomes

A few years back, I was sitting at my family’s cottage on a rainy day and thinking about physical education (which goes to show the full extent of my geekiness).

I had just landed a new teaching job at a small elementary school on the south shore of Montreal. It would be my first teaching contract in a year, and I was pumped to get started.

When I got the job, the physical education consultant at my board had given me a bunch of provincial curriculum documents for me to go through. One of these documents was the “Progressions of Learning”, Quebec’s version of SHAPE America’s Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education (although the POL was released earlier than the GLOs).

When I had graduated from McGill two years earlier, the Progressions of Learning had not been released yet. I was blown away by how easy to understand the document was. It clearly laid out the objectives students were to reach based on our provincial competencies and provided a map to help teachers understand at what point in a students educational experience they should be mastering said outcomes.

That being said, the document was in a clunky PDF form which made it very hard to copy/paste outcomes from the document into other documents (e.g. lesson plans, unit plans, etc). Not being one to sit around and complain about the rain, I decided to start typing up the POLs into a Numbers spreadsheet document. This way, I could easily access/search the Progression of Learning document and copy/paste outcomes as I wished.

All in all, it took me about 6 hours to type up the entire document. It was definitely a long and boring task, but it paid off in the end (I used those spreadsheets every single time I got into lesson/unit planning).

When Google Docs came around and suddenly we had a tool that allowed several people to contribute to and edit a document altogether at once, I couldn’t help but think about how useful the tool would have been back when I was typing up the POLs.

Today, SHAPE America has released its own progression of learning document: The National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education publication. Since they first released the early version PDF of the document, I’ve seen teachers online asking for a spreadsheet version of the GLOs for them to use in their planning.

Well, folks… this is 2015 and if you want something done, you get to do it along with 100 000 other people.

Back in September, I created some templates on Google Sheets where I was going to start typing up the GLOs. I got through grades K-2 and decided to open the editing process up the the members of the #physed community. About an hour later, we had all of the Middle School and High School outcomes typed up. Earlier this week, the Elementary School outcomes were completed in a couple of hours.

It’s that fast and now we can all access SHAPE America’s GLOs in spreadsheet form.

Click one of the icons below to access the GLOs for that school- level (doing so will prompt you to make a copy of the Grade-Level Outcomes Google Sheet into your own Google Drive).

elem   middle   hs

A few things I would like to mention:

1. Although the GLOs are all typed up here, you should really check out SHAPE’s official publication. In it, you’ll find some great chapters on assessment, motor development, standards-based instruction, and even a technology in PE chapter written by yours truly (which I co-authored with the ridiculously smart Dr. Helena Baert).

2. If anyone at SHAPE is reading this and is upset that we went ahead and did this, please don’t send the fighter jets to my house (I’m not home right now anyway… or am I?). This project was set up to make it easier for teachers everywhere to access and work with the Grade-Level Outcomes, which were already available online for free in PDF form. If you really have a problem with it (and I understand if you do), I’ll take down the documents.

3. Big shoutouts have to go out to Sarah Gietschier-Hartman, Angelo Lafratta, and many others who worked really hard and typed up most of the GLOs. Make sure to give them a follow and say thanks on Twitter!

I hope you find these spreadsheets useful and that they help you create standards-based lessons. I’m blown away by all of the amazing things we are able to accomplish as a community!

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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