#PEPics: Visuals

Last Monday, I blogged about the new format for the #PEPics photo/video challenge.

Basically, #PEPics will now be a weekly challenge in which you can show off your creativity and share photos/videos that will give others some insight into your #physed world. Each week, I will share a theme and encourage members of the #physed community to post photos/videos that fit with that theme to different social media platforms.

For the first #PEPics challenge under this new format, the theme was Visuals.

Let’s check out what people came up with!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Next week’s theme is: Equipment Storage

Feel free to post your photos/videos to any platform that supports hashtags (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc)

As always, thanks for reading and happy teaching!

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of


Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.