Physical Literacy: Live Every Adventure

When people ask me why I teach physical education, I tell them that my goal is to provide each and every child that walks into my gym with the experiences, skills, and knowledge they need in order to discover and develop their own physical literacy.

That response is usually followed up by the question “what’s physical literacy?”

Whenever I get asked what physical literacy is, I explain that it is the ability to feel confident and competent in a wide variety of activities, taking place in multiple environments, which will allow individuals to engage in health-enhancing physical activity throughout their lifetime.

Now that answer is usually met with either a blank or slightly confused stare.

Here’s the thing: as physical educators, we all know what physical literacy is. But when we define it as I did with the definition above, we’re simply stating the “what” and the “how” of it.

This blog post, along with the campaign associated to it, is about focusing on the “why”.

Keller Quote

In case you’ve never seen it before, take a few minutes to watch the Casey Neistat video below. It’s one of the best on the Internet. Even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again.


I watch that video almost every morning. It gets me fired up for my day and helps set my mindset to adventure. It reminds me to have fun, to experience as much as possible, and to relentlessly chase my dreams.

Here’s the thing: each and every day is jammed packed with potential adventure. That’s just the nature of this crazy thing called life. You never know what wild experiences might be waiting for you, where the day may take you or who you’ll meet along the way.

Adventure Everywhere

That being said, although you cannot always predict what life has in store for you, that doesn’t mean you have no control in the matter. You can make yourself ready for every opportunity, every challenge and every adventure by taking each and every chance you get to develop your physical literacy. We do this by engaging in physical activity and healthy living on a daily basis. Doing so allows us to develop the competence we need to get through the trickiest of life’s adventures as well as the confidence we need to get through the scariest of them. It is in those moments, when we are fully engaged in an awesome experience, that we are truly living.

So, if life is to be viewed as this long series of incredible adventures, then physical literacy is the key you need in order to live every one of them.

That’s the “why” of physical literacy: to be ready for everything/anything, to be active in every moment, and to *live every adventure*. So get out there and develop your competence, grow your confidence, buy the ticket and take the ride!

The “Live Every Adventure” Campaign

LEA Shirt Header

I hope this post got you fired up. To celebrate the joy of physical literacy and to help get the word out on what it really means to me (and, maybe, you!), I’ve launched a new shirt campaign with what may prove to be the coolest graphic I will ever make (#humblebrag).

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LEA Shirt Header

Thanks for reading, happy teaching, and enjoy the adventure!

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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