How I Teach: Bart Jones

The more I teach, the more I realize how lucky I am to be a part of the #physed community. Every day, I find myself being inspired and wowed by this group of amazing teachers from around the world. That’s why I’ve decided to take a second each week and highlight one of these incredible educators. This week’s post comes from an amazing teacher (I’m serious… wait until you see his teaching schedule) from Iowa:

Name: Bart Jones
Where Are You From: Aurelia, Iowa
Where Do You Teach: Van Meter Community School District
One word that best describes how you teach: Passionate

What apps/tools/resources can’t you live without?

Twitter, Comic Life, Google Drive/Apps, YouTube, Facebook, Voxer, ClassDojo, Plickers, FitStep Pro Pedometers, Coach’s Eye, Weebly to name a few. I have a MacBook Pro, iPod 4th Gen., iPad2, Apple TV, and a projector that I use to enhance my teaching.

What do your #physed classes look like?


My students will very rarely see the same thing twice during a unit. I have the unique opportunity to see my students every day of the week. I teach 17 classes daily, 340 students, 20 min. classes. This schedule allows me to create unique learning experiences that vary in design but are similar in learning target / SHAPE America grade-level outcome focus.

My classes are designed with a high sense of structure and procedural consistency. Routines are focused upon to minimize transition time and maximize learning opportunities and student engagement.

What’s the most unique thing about your teaching?

I am not afraid to try something new. Be it an app, assessment tool, or finding/creating a new twist on an old activity/skill. I love to infuse current cultural things my students are interested in into my lessons (e.g. Angry Birds, Star Wars, Mario Kart, Music, Movie Characters, Winter Olympics, Pirates, Aliens, etc.) I am always exploring ways to improve my program. It is ever evolving. I connect with the best educators in the world via Twitter and Voxer to keep it on the front lines of a QPE program.

What’s the best teaching advice you’ve ever received?

It’s ok to fail. Take a risk and if it doesn’t work, learn from it. If we create an environment where it is ok for our students to fail, then we, as teachers, need to follow our own advice. Ask the students, they have valid thoughts and opinions regarding an activity, assessment, or technology. After all they are who we are teaching, not ourselves. I challenge you to try something new this school year. Be it an app, activity, unit, etc. Go out on a limb, task a risk, you just might find the learning process improves your program more than if it worked perfectly the first time.

Where can people find you online?

Twitter: @exercys
Facebook: Van Meter Elementary Physical Education
YouTube: Van Meter Elem PE
Voxer: bjones55253


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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