The #PhysEd Podcast #016: Guess Who's Back!

The #PhysEd Podcast #016: Guess Who’s Back!

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Joey & Nathan get the band back together to discuss what’s happening in their schools, the recent ConnectedPE conference in Dubai & Student Leadership opportunities.

The #PhysEd Podcast Episode 15 Show Notes

Things We Talked About:

ConnectedPE Conference

CHANGE IT Framework (Australian Sports Commission)

Growing Leaders Resource (Sport New Zealand)

Elementary Physical Education Workshop @ CalPoly

The “Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler” Block by Joey Roth

Joey’s Adventure Pyramid for #PhysEd

SHAPE America Student-Friendly National Standards for K-12 Physical Education

Joey’s Student-Friendly Standards Graphics

People We Mentioned

Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo)

Dean Dudley (@deandudley)

Andy Vasily (@andyvasily)

Neila Steele (@neilasteele)

Jace Ferguson (@Grand_Muchacho1)

Terri Drain (@terridr99)



Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of Nathan Horne is a physical education teacher currently based in Singapore and the founder Be sure to never miss out on any of’s future posts by connecting with us via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Email.


Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.