Rebuilt & Reimagined. Rebuilt & Reimagined.

Well… this was overdue.

If you’re a regular reader of or follow our work on social media, you may have noticed that the site looks a little lot different today than it did yesterday. After years of being frustrated with a site that was difficult to update, has been completely rebuilt from the ground up!

The reasoning behind it was pretty simple: I want to be sharing more. The old site was terrible to work with on my end and made trying to update it or add content to it a nightmare (as I have vented about several times on Twitter). That being said, when I made the decision to rebuild the site, I knew I had to go make a radical change. I decided to get rid of Rapidweaver (what I used to use to build the site) and make the switch to WordPress. Heck, I even switched my web host provider to prevent any future “site-crashing-right-when-everyone-needs-it” scenarios.

To make a long story short: the site is now set up in a way that I can easily add to it and that you can easily find things on it. There are also a few new things I added that I’d like to talk about:

Games Database

I’ve been modifying the Games Database to better align it to the SHAPE America National Standards for K-12 Physical Education Document. Soon, you will see more games appearing within the database (I have three years worth of game design I want to be sharing) and you will be able to search games by Category (e.g. Invasion, Target, Net/Wall, etc), Skill (e.g. Throwing, Catching, Running, Hopping, Kicking, etc), Tactic (e.g. Reducing Space on Defense, Creating Open Space, Shot Selection, etc), and Concept (e.g. Fitness Components, Pathways, Levels, etc).

For now, you’ll find all of the games that were on the old site. Check back in a week or so and you’ll be able to access all kinds of great new games and search your heart out!

Visual Resources

Over the past two years, I’ve created a ridiculous amount of visual resources for my teaching. Since I couldn’t get them up on the old site, I kept telling myself I would just share them once I rebuilt the site. Well, the site is rebuilt and it’s time to get sharing!

If you check out the visuals page, you’ll notice a bunch of new resources that you can download for free. I’m still editing a TON of other resources that will be added to that section over the next few weeks. When you download the resource, be sure to check out the README document in the download package: when applicable, I’m using that document to share the SHAPE America National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes that I designed each visual around.

The #PhysEd Shop

This is the part that has been scaring me forever.

I never wanted to sell things on the site. I like being able to help out teachers as much as possible by providing them with great resources and ideas. The thing is, my life has changed a lot in these past few years. New priorities and responsibilities mean that I can’t be pulling all-nighters working on content or giving up weekends to finish big projects for the site anymore. As much as I want to continue sharing as much as possible (which I will be), I also need to make sure that I can justify the time and resources I’m investing into the site.

That’s why I decided to open a shop on the site. In it, you’ll find resources that took a little extra time to create at prices I think are reasonable based on their quality (most shop items will be the cost of buying me the coffee I need to keep building free resources). I’m really proud of the shop and I have a lot of great products in the pipeline for it. That being said, I will always focus on developing more free resources than paid resources for

My biggest fear was ever coming off as a sellout to the community that has always supported me and helped me be the best teacher I can be. I hope you can understand why I needed to start a shop, and I hope you can join me in my excitement for its launch!

QR Skill Posters…

Oh boy… the elephant in the room. Here’s the thing: last summer, my beloved QR generation platform, stopped offering its QR Code hosting services. When that happened, all of the QR codes included in the Skill Posters crashed. I had started to fix them, but decided I should take them time to redesign them all together (the look was getting old and the visual content wasn’t as great of quality as I wanted).

Bottom line: the new QR Skill Posters are coming. The new design is sick and the artwork I’m creating for them is the best I’ve ever done. However, they take a lot of time, effort, organization and resources to build. Don’t worry though: new QR Skill Posters will be up, for free, in their section before December 31st. They might not all be back right away, but you can expect all kinds of new ones to continue rolling out on the site as things move forward.

Thank You

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the entire #physed community for all of your support and kind words over the years. I would not be doing all of this were it not for the amazing people from around the world who inspire me everyday with their passion and dedication to their field. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Above all else, I want to say thank you to my family. My brother James is the biggest-hearted person I know and this new site would 100% not have been possible were it not for his patience and expertise. If any of you ever need a WordPress-based site built for your conference/association/brand… I know a guy.

My sister-in-law/teaching partner Alex also was a big help in terms of a lot of the new content you will see on the site soon. I know for a fact that I drive her crazy at work at times, but it’s nice to know she has my back when I need it.

Most importantly, nothing I do would be a reality were it not for my incredible wife Jess. From putting up with my non-stop #physed talk, to hiding in the bedroom as I record my #ScopeVlog episodes, to spending the weekend making chicken pot pie and chili that can be reheated throughout launch week so that I could focus on a) getting this site up, b) preparing for my #APEQ2016 presentation (which is happening in 10 hours), and c) getting all of my slides together for my #TEXAHPERD16 general session. Jess is the best part of my day, every day and her love/support is what gets my butt in gear when it comes to being stupid passionate about my teaching. Also, she made me cry tonight by gifting me a launch day children’s book. Now THAT’S a teacher!

Alright folks, I’d love to stay a babble on, but it’s time to get busy.

As always, thank you for reading and happy teaching! ?


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

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