Obstacle Course Racing In #PhysEd

Obstacle Course Racing In Physical Education

In this first vlog episode of The #PhysEd Show, I share how I helped my grade one students learn about moving in relationship to objects through the lens of obstacle course racing.

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#PhysEd Curriculum Mapping

Learn more about how I build my annual curriculum map for my physical education program (just like the one you saw in the vlog).

Unpacking The National Standards: Backwards Design In Physical Education

Learn more about the unpacking process I mentioned in the vlog which kickstarted my planning, instruction, and assessment for the featured lesson.

#PhysEd Learning Roadmaps

Learn more about how I go about creating Learning Roadmaps for my units, which help guide my assessment and students’ learning throughout each lesson.

Setting Up Successful Lessons With What?/Why?/How?

Learn more about how I use What/Why/How discussions to set my students up for success in my lessons.

Live From #PhysEd! My TV Setup!

I mentioned that I use a television in my gym when teaching. This blog post shares all of the details on that setup and how I use it.


Spartan Race Video Credit 

This is the video I used as a provocation for this lesson.

Simple Assessment w/ Plickers & Magnets

Here is more information on how I use Plickers in my teaching.


What/Why/How Graphics

If you liked the What/Why/How graphics you saw in the vlog, click the link above to download them for your gym!

Learning Level Tags

I have these Learning Level Tags on the whiteboard in my gym. The language on them matches that of the Learning Roadmaps. I use these with my Plickers Assessment Magnets.

Learning Roadmap Templates

I create some blank Learning Roadmap templates that you can edit for your teaching. You can download them by clicking the above link.

Plickers Questions Templates

If you liked the look of the Plickers Questions I shared in this video, I created some free templates that you can edit (in either Keynote, Powerpoint, or Google Slides) for your teaching.

Movement Concept Cards – Relationships

The featured resource in this lesson was my Movement Concept Cards – Relationships set. Click the link above to download them for free from the Visuals page.


Andy Vasily on Twitter

Andy is who taught me all about the use of provocations in teaching. Be sure to check out his awesome blog for even more great ideas!



Joey Feith is the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.