Holiday Games For Physical Education

Holiday Games For #PhysEd

Ho Ho Ho!

For most of us, this week will be the last before the Holiday break. With my units all wrapped up like the presents under my tree (*ba dum tss*), I’ll be taking the next couple of days to enjoy some of my favourite winter/holiday-themed games with my students!

Here are some of the games you’ll see in my gym – or out in the snow – this week (I’ll be adding to this list as I get more of my games up on the site!):

Elf Express

Elf Express is a holiday version of one of my students favourite games: Caterpillar Riot. I’ve added a few thematic builds to it to spice things up for this time of the year!

Full Rules, Builds, & Info

Snowman Blitz

Snowman Blitz is a perfect game to play outside in the snow! My students love digging through the snow as they try to find all of the items on their Builder’s Lists. I usually use this game right after our first serious snowfall: it’s a perfect time to talk to my students about what it means to dress appropriately for the weather and why it is so important that we do so.

Full Rules, Builds, & Info

Snow Forts

Snow Forts is a fun game that I love to use to have my students working with several groupings of their classmates within the lesson. I use a squad system with my younger students (to learn more about that, check out my “How I Start The School Year” blog posts) which works great, but sometimes it’s nice (and challenging) to work with new people too. This game’s rotation schedule allows for just that and always provides my class with a bunch of teachable moments. Not to mention that the game can be modified so that each base’s fort keeps growing and growing!

Full Rules, Builds, & Info

I hope you enjoy these games and that you have an awesome last week before the break with your students! I’ll be taking a break from posting for the next couple of weeks to enjoy time with my family and friends, to recharge and relax, and to listen to Christmas music and watch Muppets Family Christmas on repeat.

Thanks for reading, happy teaching, and have a wonderful holiday season!


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.