The 2018 #PhysEd Awards

Announcing The 2018 #PhysEd Awards!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the 2018 #PhysEd Awards!

After a multi-year hiatus (which was due to me trying to figure out how to build a stable website), The #PhysEd Awards are back! The last time I hosted these awards was back in 2014, so I’m really excited to be organizing them once again so that we can celebrate the greatness of our community together!

Some of you might not remember what The #PhysEd Awards are or how they work, so let me break them down for you.

What Are The #PhysEd Awards?

The purpose of The #PhysEd Awards is to recognize the important and valuable contributions of content creators within the online #physed community.

As someone who experiences the (wonderful) grind of teaching, I can tell you that it can be exhausting. Teaching requires you to pour your heart, soul, sweat, and (occasionally) tears into your craft. Striving to be your best day in, day out can leave you with little energy or time left over by the end of your day. That’s why it is so incredible that some teachers make the time to continuously add value to our online community by creating amazing content that pushes others to think differently, challenges their teaching methods, and encourages them to grow. It is to recognize those amongst us that go the extra mile, that put in the additional hours, and who selflessly create to help elevate our profession that I founded The #PhysEd Awards back in 2013.

How Do The #PhysEd Awards Work?

The #PhysEd Awards recognize achievements in the following categories:

2018 #PhysEd Awards Categories

Best Physical Education Blog

The purpose of the Best #PhysEd Blog Award is to recognize the work of creators who have focused on creating long form content to help educate, motivate, and inspire fellow physical educators from around the world.

Best Physical Education Twitter Account

Sharing knowledge that pushes others’ thinking and teaching practice in 280 characters is no easy feat! That is why the Best #PhysEd Twitter Account Award exists! Nominees for this award are teachers whose presence on Twitter is a constant source of bite-sized inspiration!

Best Physical Education YouTube Channel

I can tell you from experience that video is one of the most challenging forms of content to produce. Between planning, shooting, and editing… there is no lack of frustration and hard work involved. That said, nothing makes it easier for someone to visualize an idea than by showing it to them in action. That is why the Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel is here to help recognize those who have dedicated themselves to the process of video content creation.

Best Physical Education Podcast

#PhysEd podcasts have blown up in popularity over the past few years and it’s easy to see why: #physed teachers constantly want to learn and are always on the go! The Best #PhysEd Podcast Award serves to recognize those who are tirelessly working to publish amazing professional development content in audio form.

Top Physical Education Influencer

There are a few individuals within our community who tend to get the rest of us wondering what we would do without them. When do they sleep? Where did they learn all of these amazing things? How do they always seem to know how to help? In order to recognize those individuals who are constantly contributing to the online community, we have the Top Influencer Award.

The #PhysEd Awards Process

Here is how the awards process works:

2018 #PhysEd Awards Process

Step One: Nomination Phase

In the first phase of the awards cycle, I’ll be inviting everyone from the online #physed community to submit their picks for each category via a Google Form. After the nomination deadline, I’ll comb through the results and create a list of nominees based on the top three most popular results for each award category.

Please note that, although I would be flattered to see my name submitted for any of the categories, I won’t be making myself eligible for any of the awards. I’m here to celebrate others. 🎉

Step Two: Voting Phase

Once the nominee lists are prepared, I will announce the nominees and share a second Google Form. This form will be used to vote for your top pick based on the nominees that have been compiled.

Step Three: Awards

After all of the voting is done, it will be time to announce the winners of the 2018 #PhysEd Awards! I will be hosting a live awards ceremony on Facebook that you are welcome to tune into on February 4th at 8PM Eastern!

How Can I Get Involved In The #PhysEd Awards?

After a successful nomination phase, it’s time to announce the official nominees for the 2018 #PhysEd Awards! Check out the nominees below and be sure to cast your votes!

Best Physical Education Blog

2018 #PhysEd Awards - Best #PhysEd Blog

Here are your 2018 #PhysEd Awards “Best #PhysEd Blog” nominees:

Drowning In The Shallows

Keeping Kids In Motion

PE 4 Every Kid


The PE Specialist

Best Physical Education Twitter Account

2018 #PhysEd Awards - Best #PhysEd Twitter Account

Here are your 2018 #PhysEd Awards “Best #PhysEd Twitter Account” nominees:






Best Physical Education YouTube Channel

2018 #PhysEd Awards - Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel

Here are your 2018 #PhysEd Awards “Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel” nominees:

Ben Landers

Ben Pirillo

Brandon Herwick

Kevin Tiller

PhysEd Games

Best Physical Education Podcast

2018 #PhysEd Awards - Best #PhysEd Podcast

Here are your 2018 #PhysEd Awards “Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel” nominees:

The Global #PhysEd Voxcast

OPENForum Podcast

Run Your Life w/ Andy Vasily

SHAPE America Podcast

The PE Umbrella

Top Physical Education Influencer

2018 #PhysEd Awards - Top #PhysEd Influencer

Here are your 2018 #PhysEd Awards “Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel” nominees:

Aaron Hart 

Ben Landers

Jarrod Robinson

Kevin Tiller

Terri Drain

Once again, I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of the online #physed community (a.k.a. Team #PhysEd). I’ve grown so much over the years because of the influence of countless educators who have taken the time to teach, inspire, and motivate me in my teaching. I know that none of us do the work we do for recognition, but it feels nice to be able to highlight the efforts of others.

Thank you all for all you do, for being a part of the 2018 #PhysEd Awards, and for helping me be the best teacher I can be.

Be sure to check out the blog next Monday for The #PhysEd Awards nominees!

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!



Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.

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