The 2018 #PhysEd Awards

The 2018 #PhysEd Awards Winners!

The votes are in! Your voices have been heard! Here are the winners of the 2018 #PhysEd Awards!

Best #PhysEd Blog

Best #PhysEd Blog 2018

Name: Ben Landers

Website: The PE Specialist

Twitter: @thepespecialist

YouTube: The PE Specialist

Best #PhysEd Twitter Account

Best #PhysEd Twitter Account 2018

Name: Justin Cahill

Website: Keeping Kids In Motion

Twitter: @justybubpe


Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel

Best #PhysEd YouTube Channel 2018

Name: Ben Pirillo

Website: Teach PhysEd

Twitter: @coachpirillo

YouTube: TeachPhysEd

Best #PhysEd Podcast

Best #PhysEd Podcast 2018

Name: The Global #PhysEd Voxcast (with Jorge Rodriguez)

Website: PhysEd Now

Twitter: @physednow

Podcast: The Global #PhysEd Voxcast

Top #PhysEd Influencer

Top #PhysEd Influencer 2018

Name: Jarrod Robinson

Website: The PE Geek

Twitter: @mrrobbo

YouTube: Jarrod Robinson

Podcast: The PE Geek Podcast

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees of the 2018 #PhysEd Awards! You can learn more about the awards, the nomination/voting process, and the other nominees in this blog post.

Happy Teaching!


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