Let's Play #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo!

Let’s Play #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo!

This year’s PHE Canada National Conference is just around the corner! With the conference taking place here in my hometown of Montreal, you can understand that I’m a little excited for the whole thing to kick off!

The last time I attended a PHE Canada National Conference was back in 2013 when it was hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the spirit of helping people have as much fun as possible while at the convention, I created a Social BINGO Card that was designed to be used as a fun icebreaker/excuse to get out and explore the city. I took this idea to the next level when I travelled to Boston in 2017 for the SHAPE America National Convention by including prizes and making the PDF interactive so that it was super simple to tweet out your accomplishments as you played along.

Well, with this year’s national conference being in Montreal and all, I decided to bring the Social Bingo challenge back to help delegates get out in the city, have some fun, and win cool prizes along the way!

The #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card

The #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card is an interactive PDF that you can download to your device (more on that later). The card features 16 challenges that will have you exploring the city and getting the most out of your conference experience. The challenges are:

  1. The Solid Stepper: Take 10000 daily steps within one of the days of the conference!
  2. The Power Stepper: Take 20000 daily steps within one of the days of the conference!
  3. Captain FireSteps: Take 30000 daily steps within one of the days of the conference!
  4. The Big Ol’ Thank You: Take a picture of you hugging, high-fiving or laughing with an organizer or volunteer on the #PHEMontreal2019 team!
  5. Selfie Squad: Find me (@joeyfeith) and let’s take a selfie together!
  6. The Early Mover: Take part in one of the morning physical activity sessions that are being offered throughout the conference!
  7. Moves Like Jagger: Melt some faces with your awesome dance moves at the annual provincial dance-off competition on Friday night!
  8. I Bagel To Differ: Snap a picture of you eating one of Montreal’s world-famous, ultra-delicious, better-than-NYC bagels from one of our bagel shops in the city!
  9. MTL Smoked Meat: Snap a picture of you chowing some of Montreal’s finest smoked meat at The Main or Schwartz’s Deli on Saint-Laurent!
  10. Hop On The Metro: Take a picture of you riding the train on the green, orange, blue, or yellow lines of Montreal’s underground metro system.
  11. BIXI Bike Bonanza: Take a picture of you riding through the streets (well, bike paths) on one of the thousands of BIXI bikes that can be found in Montreal.
  12. Go Habs Go!: Take a picture with someone wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey or hat.
  13. Youppi Ki Yay!: Take a picture with someone wearing a Montreal Expos jersey or hat.
  14. Hats Off To James: Take a picture with the James McGill statue that can be found on lower campus.
  15. Hallelujah!: Making sure that you take in the view of the city first, take a selfie at the Mont Royal Chalet lookout. Can you spot the Leonard Cohen mural?
  16. Selfie Like A Sailor: Take a selfie at the Vieux Port de Montréal (the Old Port). Extra points if you can get the ferris wheel in your shot (well, extra spirit points).

By playing, you can potentially win up to 12 (!) different prizes from ThePhyscialEducator.com’s online Shop.

How To Play #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo

To play #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo, you’ll need a few things:

  1. Your smartphone.
  2. A Twitter account (not sure how to set that up? Check out this blog post to help get you started.)
  3. The official Twitter app (iOS, Android)
  4. A PDF viewer app (if you’re on iOS 11 or later, you can just use the built-in Files app)
  5. The #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card PDF (click the button below to download it!)

Ok, now that you are all set up, here’s how to play:

Navigating The #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card

The #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card is set up to be navigated as though it were an app. All of the “buttons” you see on each page can be clicked/tapped and will jump to the appropriate section of the document. That being said, it is a PDF so you can just swipe through to the next page should you wish to do so.

There are four pages that make up the #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Card:

Page One: The Game Sheet

The Game Sheet is where you will see your Bingo layout. Each challenge square in the layout is interactive and can be used to prove that you have completed that challenge (more on that in a second).

Page Two: How To Play Sheet

The How To Play Sheet will help you remember how to properly play the game so that you can prove that you’ve completed challenges, call BINGO!, and receive your prizes.

Page Three: The Challenge List

The challenge list helps you know what each challenge is and make sense of all of the icons you see in the Bingo layout.

Page Four: The Prize Board

The prize board will help you figure out which rows you need to complete in order to win the prizes you are going for. It also provides you with links to each prize so that you can get additional information on them.

Completing Challenges

As you complete challenges, you’ll need to share some proof online to let me know. Doing so is really easy and only takes a few seconds. Here’s how:

  1. From the Game Sheet, tap the challenge you’ve completed. This will launch the Twitter app with a pre-populated proof tweet.
  2. Once you see the pre-populated tweet, remove the link preview by tapping the “X” and then tap the “Add Photo” icon.
  3. Select your challenge’s proof photo and attach it to your tweet.
  4. Review your completed proof tweet and tap the “Tweet” button. You’re done!

Just in case that doesn’t make sense to you, here is the process in video form:

Claiming Your Prizes

Once you have completed all of the challenges in a row (or the center block/corners), you are ready to claim your #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo prize! To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. From the Game Sheet, tap the green “Claim Your Bingo Prize” button. This will launch the Twitter app with a pre-populated claim tweet.
  2. Edit the pre-populated tweet to indicate which prize number you have won.
  3. Attach your four proof photos to the claim tweet.
  4. Review your claim tweet and tap the “Tweet” button once you are done!

Here is this process in video form (the photos you see are just placeholders… I haven’t started playing yet!)

Once you have tweeted out your #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo Claim, I will get in touch with you for your email and send you your prize within the week!

See You In Montreal!

So that’s it for #PHEMontreal2019 Bingo! I can’t wait for this year’s conference and am super excited to get to meet new people and see new friends right here in Montreal!

If you’d like to meet up during your time in Montreal, be sure to hit me up on Twitter, in the #PHEMontreal2019 Facebook Group, or in Attendify (the official conference app). You can also find me at either of the two sessions I will be giving:

Title: Purposeful Physical Education: Designing Effective Physical Education Experiences For Your Students

Date: Friday, May 3 2019

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Room 409 – Currie Gymnasium

Title: Assessment In Action: Exploring Assessment FOR Learning In Physical Education

Date: Saturday, May 4 2019

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Location: Fieldhouse D – Currie Gymnasium

I hope you have an amazing national conference experience! Thanks so much for reading, have fun tweeting, and happy teaching! 🙌


Joey Feith is the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.