Google Classroom Physical Activity Journals

Google Classroom Physical Activity Journals

Last spring, I found myself being thrown into a distance learning reality for the first time of my career. In this episode of The #PhysEd Show Vlog, I’m going to be breaking down how I created Physical Activity Journals in Google Classroom for my students while distance teaching during the 2020 Spring lockdown.

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Show Links

Here is a collection of links and resources that I mentioned in the vlog:

Google Classroom Physical Activity Journal Template

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Fitness Unit Teacher Pack 

Physical Education Student Portfolios

Converting a PDF to an image file (Mac)

Converting a PDF to an image file (PC)

Show Notes & Timestamps

  • 00:08 – Introduction
  • 00:32 – Learning Targets
  • 00:55 – My Distance Learning Context
  • 01:50 – S.M.A.R.T. Goals Fitness Unit (Link)
  • 03:56 – Digital Physical Activity Journal (Link)
  • 04:35 – Physical Activity Points Streak
  • 06:24 – The Brag Board
  • 8:08Setting Up The Template in Google Slides
    • 08:13 – Exporting a PDF as a PNG image file
    •  9:30 – Setting The Template as a Background Image in Google Slides
    • 10:36 – Placing Textboxes On The Template
    • 14:35 – Creating “Clickable” Navigation Buttons in Google Slides (Optional)
  • 17:04Assigning The Digital Physical Activity Journal in Google Classroom
    • 17:20 – Preparing the Google Classroom Assignment
    • 17:40 – Adding the Physical Activity Journal to the Assignment from Google Drive
    • 18:30 – Adding Support Materials to the Assignment
    • 19:15 – Finalizing the Assignment Details
    • 19:44 – Scheduling the Assignment
  • 20:22Providing Ongoing Feedback to Students
    • 21:18 – Accessing Your Google Classroom’s Class Folder in Google Drive
    • 21:48 – Finding Your Physical Activity Journal Folder
    • 22:10 – Leaving Comments on Student’s Entries
    • 23:21 – Finding the Overview of Student’s Recent Journal Entries (Inspector’s Activity Tab)
  • 25:15 – Conclusion

Joey Feith is the founder of Having taught elementary physical education for 10 years, Joey is now focused on helping physical educators grow their confidence and competence as teachers.