Around the Bases

Around the Bases

Focus Skills: Fielding The Ball Strategically · Hitting The Ball · Running Bases

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Two teams set up on a baseball diamond-shaped playing area.
One team starts at bat, the other in the field.
The batting team’s players each get a turn trying to back a ball that is thrown to them by a player on their team.
There are no strike outs. However, after four unsuccessful attempts at bat, the batting player may throw the ball.
The batting player scores a point, after having batted/thrown the ball, by running around the running bases (the inside bases) in order.
The fielding team prevents a point by successfully fielding the ball to the first fielding base (the outside base) and then relaying it to each base (in order) and finally to home plate.
After each player on the batting team has had a turn at bat, the teams switch roles.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Base Running
Have both teams line up in a single line behind home plate. On the teacher’s signal, students must run around the bases, in order, as fast as they can.
Build Two: Fielding The Ball
Teams set themselves up on a set of bases (e.g. the blue team stands on the batting bases, the red team on the fielding bases) with one player from each team at home plate. Each player at home plate is given a ball. On the teacher’s signal, the players at home plate relay the ball to first base. The players at the bases continue the relay by sending the ball to the next base. Teams attempt to see how many times they can get their ball to go around the bases within a pre-determined amount of time.

Build Three: Strategically Hitting The Ball
Teams now set up and play Around The Bases using the full set of rules. The teacher can decide to modify the equipment (e.g. using a tennis racquet instead of a bat, using a tee instead of having a teammate pitch the ball) to meet the needs of the learners.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Running Bases
Fielding The Ball
Strategically Hitting The Ball

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How do you make your way around the bases as fast as possible?
How do you successfully relay the ball around the bases as fast as possible?
Where should you bat the ball to give yourself a better chance of getting around the bases?

safetyicon Safety Information

Have students drop (not throw) the bat after batting
Make sure there is enough room between the running bases and the fielding bases to prevent collisions

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Tennis Balls
Baseball Gloves (Optional)