Buzzer Beater Bowling

Buzzer Beater Bowling

Focus Skills: Rolling For Accuracy · Rolling For Direction · Underhand Throwing

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Players are each given 3-5 pins and a foam ball.
Players set up their pins on a line that is 10-15 feet from their opponent’s line.
Players decide who will start by playing “rock-paper-scissors”.
Without crossing the line upon which their pins are placed, the first player rolls their ball in an attempt to knock down their opponents pins.
Players alternate taking turns attempting to knock down their opponent’s pins.
The goal of the game is to knock down all of your opponent’s pins before they knock down all of yours.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Rolling For Accuracy
Players play the game without having to wait for their opponent to have played. If a pin is knocked down, it may be placed back up. This build exists to allow students to practice their rolling and accuracy.
Build Two: Bowling
Players now play the full version of the game.

Build Three: Buzzer Beater Bowling
Now a time constraint is placed on the game (e.g. 3 minute games). Players do not have to wait for their opponent to have played before rolling their ball. The goal of the game is to have knocked down a greater number of pins than your opponent by the end of the round.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Rolling For Accuracy
Rolling For Direction

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How do you roll the ball to knock down a pin?
How do you decide which pin you will try to knock down?
How does having a time constraint affect the way you play the game?

safetyicon Safety Information

Balls should stay on the ground.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Foam balls