Cone Croquet

Cone Croquet

Focus Skills: Striking For Accuracy Striking For Distance


Quick Rules

Two players are given six cones, two balls, and croquet mallets (or hockey sticks) and get to set up their own playing area.
One cone is selected as the “Start” location, and the other cones are numbered one to five.
Players decide who will start the game by playing “rock-paper-scissors”.
The first player then begins the game by standing at the “Start” location and striking their ball with their stick in an attempt to hit cone #1.
Players alternate turns striking their ball.
Players may purposefully knock their opponent’s ball.
The goal of the game is to hit all of the cones in order before your opponent.



Build One: Rolling For Accuracy
Before introducing the mallets/sticks, have students play the game by rolling their ball rather than striking it.
Build Two: Striking For Accuracy
In build two, players may now play the full version of the game.


Grade Level Outcomes

Striking For Accuracy
Striking For Distance


Discussion Questions

How do you strike the ball when there is no open path to the next cone?
How does striking the ball change the way you play compared to rolling the ball?
What are the risks of striking the ball too hard?
What are the risks of striking the ball too soft?


Safety Information

The ball should never come off the ground.
Players should set up their playing areas so that it does not affect the playing areas of other players.


Equipment Requirements

Tennis/Hockey Balls
Croquet Mallets/Hockey Sticks