Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf

Focus Skills: Throwing For Accuracy · Throwing For Direction · Throwing For Distance

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Set up different Frisbee Golf “holes” within the playing area.
Each “hole” should include: a) a base from where players must start, b) a hoop which is the target, and c) any number of obstacles around which players must throw their frisbee on their way to getting it in the hoop.
Divide your class into small teams and provide each team with a golf scorecard (this could be a simple piece of paper). Each team will start at a different “hole”.
Players take turns attempting to get the frisbee into the hoop (while respecting the obstacles).
The amount of throws it takes for a player to get their frisbee into the hoop is their score for that “hole”.
Players play each of the “holes” and then add up their scores.
The goal is to get the lowest score possible.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Throwing for Accuracy
You can make the target larger or smaller to increase/decrease the difficulty of the game (e.g. creating a large target area with cones or a small one with a poly spot)

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Throwing For Accuracy
Throwing For Distance
Throwing For Direction

questionsicon Discussion Questions

What factors should you consider before throwing the frisbee?
How does a larger target area change the way you play the game?
How does a smaller target area change the way you play the game?

safetyicon Safety Information

Students should not throw their frisbee if another student is in the way.
Students should yell “fore” if a frisbee could potentially hit someone.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements