Focus Skills: Communication · Teamwork

Iceberg is a Standards-based Cooperation game that is perfect for Kindergarten and Elementary level PE programs. It focuses on Communication and Teamwork. It can be played in a gym, a large classroom or outdoors.

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Divide students into teams of 4-6 people.
Each team is given a large sheet (e.g. old bed sheet, tablecloth).
Teams lay their sheet out on the floor.
On the teacher’s signal, teams must all stand on their sheet.
No player may touch the area outside their sheet.
Teams then get off of their sheet and fold it in half.
The class continues this process as their sheet gets smaller and smaller with each fold (like an Iceberg that is melting).

buildicon Builds

Build One: Blindfolded Iceberg
After having played the game with the full version of the rules, the teacher can now require one student on each team to be blindfolded. After each round, the teacher can require an additional player to be blindfolded. The teacher continues to do this until all but one of the players are blindfolded.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes


questionsicon Discussion Questions

How was communication a challenge in this game?
How did having one or more blindfolded players on your team affect your communication?

safetyicon Safety Information

Teams may not place teammates on each other’s shoulders.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Large Sheets