Smaug's Jewel

Smaug’s Jewel

Focus Skills: Communication · Synchronization · Teamwork

Smaug’s Jewel is an exciting Standards-based Cooperation game that is a great addition to any PE program. It can be used to help students develop Synchronization, Communication, and Teamwork. Smaug’s Jewel can be modified to fit any theme, and it can be played in a gym or outdoors.

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Create a circle with cones and place a soft object (e.g. foamie) in the middle (this is the “jewel”).
Place one player at each cone (this is their base) and give each player a number between 1 and 3.
One player is selected as Smaug (a dragon)
Call out a team’s number.
The players on that team must work together to try to steal Smaug’s Jewel and get back to their base without being tagged.
If a player is tagged, that team’s turn is over.
If a team is successful, or if Smaug successfully guards his jewel after several attempts, select a new player to be Smaug.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Individual Play
Have students play as individuals (no teams). If a player is tagged by Smaug, they remain frozen. If all players become frozen, Smaug wins.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes


questionsicon Discussion Questions

How did playing this game as an individual make it easier/harder?
How did playing this game as a team make it easier/harder?
What types of communication did you use as a team?

safetyicon Safety Information

Players may not dive for the jewel.
Players may use soft tags only.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Foam Noodles