Spot Ball

Focus Skills: Court Positioning · Defending a Space · Setting Up an Attack

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Two players will play in a badminton sized court using the lines as boundaries.
Using paper-rock-scissors to see which player will start first, the server must lob a tennis ball higher than the height of the opposing player so that the ball will land inside the court.
A player can score by:
1. Having the tennis ball bounce twice before their opponent can catch it,
2. By having the ball land on rubber spot in the middle of the court,
3. If the ball lands out of bounds (a point is awarded to the opposing player).

buildicon Builds

Build One: Setting Up an Attack
In this build, players attempt to score a point by having the ball bounce twice before their opponent can catch it or by having the ball land on the rubber spot.
Build Two: Court Positioning
After each lob, the player who lobbed the ball must run and touch one of the four cones. Once they have done so, they must position themselves in a ready position for their opponent’s next lob.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes

Setting Up an Attack
Court Positioning
Defending a Space

questionsicon Discussion Questions

How do you make your shot more difficult to receive?
Where should you bounce the ball in the playing area?
How do you prevent the other player from scoring a point?

safetyicon Safety Information

Make sure the courts aren’t too close together and advise students not to run into other courts to retrieve their ball

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Tennis balls
Rubber spots (1 foot diameter)