Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

Focus Skills: Communication · Synchronization · Teamwork

Toxic Waste is a Standards-based Cooperation game that is great for Elementary and Middle School level PE programs. It focuses on Teamwork, Synchronization, and  Communication. It can be played in a gym or outdoors.

quickrulesicon Quick Rules

Students are in teams of 4.
Each team is given a Ringette ring (that has four skipping ropes tied to it) and one foam ball (which is resting on top of the Ringette Ring).
The goal of the game is the get the Toxic Waste (the foam ball) from one end of the gym to the other, without touching the ball of the Ringette ring (students must therefore use the skipping ropes).
If the ball falls off, the team who drop it must return the the start line and try again.

buildicon Builds

Build One: Blindfolded Toxic Waste
After having played the game with the full version of the rules, the teacher can now require one student on each team to be blindfolded. After each round, the teacher can require an additional player to be blindfolded. The teacher continues to do this until all four players are blindfolded.

tacticalicon Grade Level Outcomes


questionsicon Discussion Questions

How did you have to coordinate your movements as a team to successfully get the Toxic Waste to the other side?
How was communication a challenge in this game?
How did having one or more blindfolded players on your team affect your communication?

safetyicon Safety Information

Blindfolded players must walk.

equipmenticon Equipment Requirements

Skipping Ropes
Ringette Rings
Foam Balls
Blindfolds (optional)