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Race To The Bases Physical Education Striking and Fielding Game

Race to the Bases

Fielding The Ball · Running Bases · Striking The Ball

Race To The Base is a simple striking and fielding game that is perfect for introducing striking to your students as well as for helping students develop an understanding of fielding tactics. This game is part of the Striking & Fielding Games Teacher Pack which you can learn more about here. (COMING SOON!)

Danish Longball - Striking & Fielding Game for Physical Education

Danish Longball

Running Bases · Scoring A Run · Strategically Hitting The Ball

Danish Longball is one of my all-time favourite striking and fielding games to include in my physical education program. The game provides so many opportunities for modifications and builds that you can really explore a great variety of skills and tactics, regardless of your students’ current learning levels. Over time, I’ve adapted the builds I use for the game, which is why you are seeing a new version of it here. Big shout out to Joy Butler and her awesome article on the game for helping me better tailor the activity to meet the needs of my students!



Creating Space · Scoring a Point · Setting Up an Attack

I love teaching net and wall game tactics to my students. Being able to see students quickly develop their skills by purposefully applying them as the try to execute tactics is one of the highlights of my year, every year. Zoneminton is a game I use early on in my middle school net and wall games tactics to help my students develop a stronger understanding of the importance of creating and attacking open space when on offense. To help my students achieve just that, I’ve create a set of self- and peer-assessment tools. You can find these, along with the game printout and other resources in the Zoneminton Game Pack.



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