5 Fitness Station Poster Bundle


The printable Fitness Station Poster set includes each of the five following fitness activities: Pushup, Burpee, Crunch, Plank and Squat. These visual tools will help your students find the right amount of challenge while exploring fitness-based concepts in physical education class.

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These fitness station posters were designed to provide your students with choice all while developing their fitness through bodyweight exercises. Each poster in this set provides students with three variations of the same exercise, with each variation offering a different degree of intensity. Providing students with this type of choice at each of your lesson’s fitness stations allows your students find the right amount of challenge depending on their strength level. This allows students to work independently from the teacher and prevents the teacher from having to cut into activity time throughout the lesson. All in all, your students get more time to develop their fitness and you get more time to work one-on-one with students who need your support!

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