Balance Concept Cards


Help your students explore and understand important movement concepts with the Balance Concept Cards!

This is a printable product download.



The Balance Concept Cards were designed to help my students understand the different movement concepts we explore as part of our gymnastics units.

There are four Balance Concept Cards** included in the download:

🔘 Centre of Gravity
🧱 Base of Support
📏 Body Alignment
⚡️ Muscular Tension

To help my students explore these different concepts, I also created a set of 16 Balance Exploration Prompts. Each card provides students with a prompt that will encourage them to try something different as they work to maintain their balance. By doing so, students get to dive deeper into their understanding of the different balance concepts we explored in class.

Also included in the download is the “Amazing Balance Acts” assessment tool that I designed to assess my grade three students levels of understanding of the four balance concepts. The tool is available in two file types:

1. A Pages document version* that has been designed to allow you to quickly customize the assessment tool to include a photo of your students’ balance performance (via Continuity Camera).
2. A Google Slides version that can also be customized with your students work.

Please read/watch episode three of The #PhysEd Show Vlog to see how I’ve used the “Amazing Balance Acts” assessment tool in my teaching.

Happy Teaching!

*This version can only be opened on a Mac with Pages installed. Continuity Camera is only available on macOS Mojave (or later) and can only be used with an iOS device running iOS 12 (or later). Learn more about Continuity Camera on Apple’s website.

**Please note that this is a printable product download