Individual Balances & Shapes Cards Set


Help your students explore and master 32 unique individual balances in gymnastics with the Gymnastics ABC Balances & Shapes Cards!

This is a printable product download.



Gymnastics plays a big role in my elementary school curriculum, which is why I’ve spent so much time building different gymnastics resources in the past. However, one thing I always wanted was a proper set of balance cards that I could use to help my students explore a variety of body positions before getting into creating their own.

That was the challenge that I took on and I could not be happier with the outcome!

The Balances & Shapes Set includes 32 individual balance cards featuring unique artwork and tons of standards-based information (which pairs perfectly with the new Movement Concept Cards). Each card features:

📛 The balance’s name.
👀 A visual representing the balance.
🔑 Three keys to success for performing the balance (with visual prompts).
📏 Base of support information (shape and number of contact points).
🔡 Body shape information.*
📶 Body level information.*

*For continuity, these use the same visuals as those found on the Movement Concept Cards.

The set also comes with the balances in two different formats:

The printable Balances & Shapes Overview Poster showcases all 32 balances (and their names) at once. This is perfect for students to use when designing their gymnastics sequences or just to have displayed in your gym!

The 32 printable Balances & Shapes Prompt Cards are smaller (4.25″x2.75″) versions of the Balances & Shapes Cards that feature only the balance name and visual. I made these to use in station or relay-style activities, but also for reflection based assessments such as compare/contrast assessments and/or grouping assessments.

Finally, the set also includes a link to one of my “P.E. Power Picks” video activities!

This 12-minute activity works by presenting two balance cards that students can choose from. Once they’ve made their choice, they have 10 seconds to perform the balance they selected for a teacher, partner, or friend. This whole process then repeats until every balance card* has been presented twice (so students get to try them all out). Here is an example of a “P.E. Power Picks” video in action (this is from the “Wacky Ways To Balance Challenge Cards” resource).

*For safety purposes, I removed the Handstand and Headstand balance cards from this activity.

I made this set to include multiple formats of each of its resources so that it was easy for you to use it either at school or in your distance learning teaching. The download includes:

Balances & Shapes Cards
– One-sided printable PDF (front of cards only)
– Two-sided printable PDF (front and back of cards)
– 32 individual PNG files (one per card)*

Balances & Shapes Poster
– One-side printable PDF

Balances & Shapes Prompt Cards
– One-sided printable PDF (front of cards only)
– Two-sided printable PDF (front and back of cards)
– 32 individual PNG files (one per card)*

Balances & Shapes “P.E. Power Picks” Video
– Link included in the download README file

I’m super excited about how this resource has turned out and my mind is already racing with all of the different ways I’ll be including it in my teaching! I hope this can serve your teaching and your students as well!