Chuck The Chicken Game Pack


Help your students develop their ability to read situations and select space to attack when on offence in striking and fielding games with the Chuck The Chicken Game Pack!

This is a printable product download.



The Chuck The Chicken Game Pack was designed to help you successfully help your students develop their understanding of where they can strategically send the ball/object when on offence in striking and fielding games. The Game Pack includes:

1. A printable version of the game’s rules and builds (along with a QR code link to the game video)
2. Student reflection sheet to be used for assessing knowledge, understanding, and skills
3. A lesson-level learning target and learning roadmap (rubric) to help guide student learning
4. A student observation grid to help teacher’s keep track of their assessment.

This game pack was designed to help complement its learning activity, which you can learn more about here: