DECIDE Framework Poster


Teach your health education students how to make healthy, value-based decisions with the DECIDE Framework Poster!

This is a printable product download.

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Difficult decisions can be a great source of anxiety and can often leave us feeling frozen in place.

We worry about how things will play out and how we will feel about ourselves if we commit to a decision that doesn’t align with the type of person we wish to be.

Luckily for all of us, responsible decision-making is a skill that we can improve through intentional practice. Thankfully, we have the DECIDE framework.

DECIDE is a six-step decision-making framework that originated from the world of health care management. Here’s how I’ve broken down the modified version of the framework you see on this DECIDE poster:

📘 Define the problem.

🗺 Explore possible solutions.

🔋 Consider the consequences.

🧭 Identify your values.

Decide and take action!

📏 Evaluate your decision.

I designed this poster to help you break the DECIDE framework down for your students and help them internalize each of its steps. Each step of the framework is associated with a memorable graphic and features a brief description and three guided reflection questions.

If you would like to learn more about how this poster came to be, check out this Twitter thread in which I walk you through my reasoning for each element of the poster: