Dress For Success Printable Set

Help your foster responsibility and understanding – not compliance – within your students in regards to having them value the importance of getting changed for physical education and physical activity!

This is a printable product download.

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This printable set was designed to help you teach your students the bigger “WHY” behind the purpose of changing in and out of athletic clothing before and after physical education/physical activity.

This six-piece printable set showcases the four big reasons why we should develop healthy habits around what we wear for physical activity:

  • Be Healthy: avoid wearing soiled clothes that can lead to odour or skin rashes.
  • Be Free: wear clothes that allow you to enjoy the full range of motion that your body is capable of experiencing.
  • Be Safe: wear clothes that allow you to confidently move without tripping, slipping, or getting stuck.
  • Be Ready: develop a habit that will allow you to always be ready when adventure comes knocking!

The set also includes a reminder of what constitutes appropriate dress for physical activity: an appropriate shirt/top, athletic shorts/pants, and active footwear that is suited for the physical activity you are engaging in.

The printable product download includes the six-piece printable set (designed to be printed on 11″x17″ paper) as well as a 11″x17″ poster that can be displayed in your change rooms.

To learn more about why I designed this printable set for my own teaching, be sure to check out the blog post in which I introduced it!

Happy teaching!