Fitness Component Concept Cards


Help your students identify, distinguish and understand the components of fitness with this series of 11 Fitness Component Concept Cards! With a set for both the skill-related and health-related fitness components, these concept cards will help your students get moving and learning in physical education!

This is a printable product download.



These Fitness Component Concept Cards were created to help you teach your students about the skill-related and health-related components of fitness. Each colourful card provides the students with a) the name of the component, b) a definition of the component and c) an icon representing the component. The icons were created as visual cues to help all students, but especially English Language Learners. The skill-related components icons are hexagonal to help students a) remember that there are six skill-related components of fitness and b) easily distinguish these components from the health-related components. The health-related component icons are pentagonal for the same reasons.

Also included in this download are both Fitness Component Posters for your gym!