Food Is Fuel Nutrition Cards


Help your students learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods with the “Food Is Fuel” Nutrition Card Pack! Featuring 48 colourful card printouts, each card features a food along with that food’s nutritional information and a suggested activity to “burn off” the calories that the food provides as fuel for the body!

This is a printable product download.



The Food Is Fuel Nutrition Card Pack was designed to help students visualize and differentiate healthy and unhealthy foods (and a few hard-to-sort ones!)

The pack is divided into six coloured sets of eight cards. Each card features:

– Awesome artwork representing the card’s food.
– Nutritional information* for the food (calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat)
– Activity suggestion to “burn” the food’s calories.

*Based on 100g serving (in most cases)

Although the cards can be used in many different ways, they pair especially well with games from the Health & Fitness section of the games database such as Jake The Hungry Snake!