Fruits & Veggies Language TREK Adventure Pack

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Help your students discover new foods & nutrition concepts in this fun, active academic language activity!



The Language Learning TREK Adventure Packs help expose your students to academic language in a fun and active way!

The Fruits & Veggies pack is part of Nutrition set: a collection of vocabulary items curated to help students develop nutrition-related language.

This pack is composed of three items that will help your students engaged in this Language Learning TREK Adventure: the Fruits & Veggies pack randomizer video, the Fruits & Veggies pack student assessment sheet, and the 24 printable Fruits & Veggies information cards.

Here’s how the randomizer video activity works:

TRAP: Students trap a fruit or vegetable word by playing the randomizer video and pausing it on a random food card.

READ: Students carefully read the fruit or vegetable’s information while paying special attention to its spelling.

EXERCISE: Students then exercise by spelling out the fruit or vegetable’s name. This is done by performing the exercise and number of repetitions assigned to each of the letters in the name.

KNOW: Students can show that they know that fruit or vegetable by writing its name and sorting it on the assessment sheet!

Here’s a sample of the randomizer video in action:

If you’re looking for a low-tech version of this activity, the included 24 printable Fruits & Veggies information cards were designed to be printed out on letter-sized paper. These make for perfect station sheets and allow you to easily include only a few language cards at a time in your distance learning resources.

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This product was updated on May 3rd 2020 to include the printable information cards. This is what led to the price increase. If you purchased the cards before that date and would like to have access to the printable information cards, just shoot me an email with your order number and I will send them to you.