Habits of Successful Learners Mural


Help promote a culture of thinking and learning in your gym/classroom with this awesome “Habits of Successful Learners” mural! The download includes all of the printable resources you need to create this mural in your school!

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To help build a culture of thinking and learning in P.E., my students and I discuss the habits of successful learners. We’ll talk about the key things one can do to make sure that they are getting the most learning out of each and every lesson. This is an idea that was shared with me by my friend Terri Drain (@terridr99). Once I gathered all of their answers, I created a mural in my gym to celebrate their ideas and successful learning!

Each habit you’ll find in the download package was shared by one of my elementary school students. I had this discussion with every grade I teach and shared all of their answers as a way to celebrate my students’ desire to learn, regardless of what grade they may be in!

In total, the download package contains printable 25 Habit Discs (along with the larger “Habits of Successful Learners” Title Disc) that you can print and display in your gym/classroom to help remind students of the things they can be doing to learn as much as possible in your lessons!

The download package also includes a printable mural poster (11’ x17″) that you can display in other places in the school to promote good learning habits within your entire school community!

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